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Eating and Drinking When It’s hot: 10 good Choices

During heat waves, when the outside thermometer reads over 30°C and the humidity index rises, we don’t have much of an appetite in general. But we still have to eat and drink well, avoiding foods that are difficult to digest and favouring those rich in water. So here are 10 good choices:

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Top 100 Best Outdoor Dining Restaurants in Canada (according to OpenTable)

The online restaurant reservations provider OpenTable has unveiled the 2015 Top 100 Best Outdoor Dining Restaurants in Canada. This list has been generated from more than 275,000 restaurant reviews collected from verified OpenTable diners between May 1, 2014, and April 30, 2015, in more than 1,600 restaurants.

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Tackling Lunchtime Challenges

In my last blog, I explored rushed mornings and missed breakfast; today, I will tackle the tricky lunch meal. I will address top 3 lunchtime challenges, why this is a health concern and then I will provide some tips.

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Top 5 best food novels

20 April, 2015 1 Comment

When writers weave magic with their words, we can actually taste a dish or inhale an aroma they describe. So for all you book and food lovers out there, SOSCuisine has compiled its top 5 best food novels.

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Overnight, no-cook oatmeal for people on the go

15 April, 2015 No Comments

A breakfast of oatmeal is a great idea since oats contain fibres that provide you with a longer-lasting sense of fullness and actually keep hunger pangs at bay. Oats also contain vitamins B1, B2 and E and even help reduce "bad" cholesterol levels. Although instant oats are a tempting time-saving option, they almost always contain […]


Easter Brunch 2015

30 March, 2015 No Comments

If you wish to have a nice lie-in on Easter Sunday and still host friends and family for the traditional brunch, we have a proposal for you. Try our special menu, with easy recipes that can be made ahead. You'll find the recipes and grocery list by clicking on this link.


European breakfasts

16 March, 2015 No Comments

Dietitians never tire of telling us that breakfast is a very important meal, and that it should provide an average of 20 to 25% of the daily total energy intake and be balanced. In fact, after 10 to 12 hours of fasting, our body needs to rebuild its reserves of glucose, the brain's basic fuel […]

Box of Pasta Salad on a Desk in an Office

TOP 10 Lunch Box Recipes

13 March, 2015 No Comments

If you wish to eat healthy meals and snacks while at work, you may want to consider making your own meal and bringing it at the office with you. This way you will also save money Whether you are a beginner cook or a pro, you may be interested to know which lunch-boxes our members […]


Mug cake: the latest trend

Mug cakes are all the rage now. This recipe can be made directly in a mug and baked in a microwave oven, and the best part is, it takes next to no time to prepare and there's hardly any washing up, to boot! The idea of having a sweet or savoury cake that's ready in […]


Anti-ageing chocolate

24 February, 2015 No Comments

No, this isn’t a hoax: scientists at Cambridge University have developed a chocolate that reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. A 7.5 g piece of "Esthechoc" contains the same amount of antioxidant astaxanthin as a salmon fillet, and the same amount of polyphenols as 100 g of dark chocolate.


Happy New Year of the Sheep

21 February, 2015 No Comments

Asian fare has invaded our supermarkets' shelves because the Chinese New Year has began on February 19 th. This year falls under the sign of the symbolic animal Sheep (or Goat), the cosmological element Wood and the colour Green.


Top 10 Colourful Winter Recipes

15 February, 2015 No Comments

Even in the dead of winter, when the supply of fruit and vegetables is limited, it is possible to enjoy some refreshingly colourful and delightful meals, that will brighten your table.