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Full Brunch With Bacon, Taost and Coffee

TOP 10 Brunch Recipes

28 March, 2016 No Comments

Brunch is a pretty easy go-to party when planning a celebration. It can be as formal or as casual as you like, with a broad spread of morning and afternoon food. Often served buffet style, the ideal brunch menu has savoury dishes, sweet treats, and lots of snacks on the side. We’ve chosen ten easy, […]


Duck – Good for your health (and your wallet!)

22 March, 2016 2 Comments

Duck meat is very popular in Europe and Asia. And it is now becoming easily available here, not only in restaurants but also in most grocery stores. In fact, there are some very good duck farms right here in Quebec. Extremely tasty and easy to prepare, this bird’s meat is low in cholesterol and rich […]


TOP 10 Easter Recipes from Around the Web

17 March, 2016 No Comments

Easter is right around the corner and along with welcoming Spring, it brings with it beautiful food full of rich eggs and fresh, floral flavours. Stores are already stocked up with cute chocolate chicks and bunnies for kids and light, delicate cakes for adults. If you’re not sure how to indulge yourself this Easter, don’t […]


TOP 10 Mediterranean Recipes

15 March, 2016 No Comments

Mediterranean food spans several countries and cultures, from wonderfully aromatic African spices to the subtle and classic herbaceous French cuisine. There are common threads though: olives, seafood, and bright, bold flavours. Mediterranean recipes tend to be light, often served family-style or as tapas (smaller dishes to be shared and tasted), and make the most out […]


Low-FODMAP Valentine’s Day Menu

3 February, 2016 No Comments

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re a couple, single, with or without children, with your family or friends, it’s a time to celebrate love. But for those suffering from gastrointestinal problems, it can be a source of stress due to the presence of “trigger” foods, which can turn a beautiful evening into a real nightmare!

Dumbells, tape measure and healthy food

TOP 10 Light Recipes

1 February, 2016 No Comments

In winter we’re all tempted to eat rich, hearty foods. To fight this bad habit, here are our TOP 10 light recipes, ideal for keeping your New Year’s resolutions!


TOP 10: Christmas Recipes from Around the Web

15 December, 2015 1 Comment

It’s that time of year again! Get ready to bake, stuff, peel, braise, boil, sauté, knead, and assemble all those great Christmas time recipes that everybody loves. In case you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’ve put together a list of Christmas goodies from around the web that are sure to please and help you […]

roul au chocolat festif 6

The story of the Christmas Log

30 November, 2015 No Comments

In francophone countries, Christmas dinners often end with a serving of Christmas log. Did you know that it is a tradition linked to the celebration of the winter solstice?

Map of world made from different kinds of spices, close-up

TOP 10: Recipes inspired by World Cuisine

30 November, 2015 No Comments

Eating the same thing day in and day out can definitely get to be a bit dull. Luckily, there are many different types of cuisine to spark your imagination. A great dish doesn’t have to be authentic, but even taking a few little inspirations — a spice blend you don’t normally use or an exotic […]


TOP 10: Halloween Recipes from Around the Web

26 October, 2015 No Comments

Halloween might still be a little while away, but party season has begun. It’s a great opportunity to let your imagination run wild and create delectable yet devilish treats for your party guests. Here are ten of our favourite Halloween recipes from around the web, all of which are sure to spook and satisfy!

Fourchettes avec des légumes, forks with vegetables

TOP 10: Best Vegan Recipes!

18 October, 2015 No Comments

Vegan recipes contain absolutely no animal products. This means no eggs, cheese, milk, meat, etc. The vegan diet is centered on vegetables, legumes and roots (potatoes, beets). For healthy fats, vegans get their dose from oils, nuts and fruits like avocados. We’ve put together our top ten best vegan recipes for you to enjoy the […]

thanksgiving action de grace

TOP 10 : Recipes for Thanksgiving

5 October, 2015 No Comments

On the day reserved for giving thanks, the family gathers around the table to be together. The traditional dish that is served is turkey with all of the fixings. Thanksgiving is great for creating leftovers that can be eaten in the following weeks.