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TOP 10: Must-try crostini, toasts and tartines!

What’s a crostini? You’ve definitely tried one, whether you realised it or not. It’s simply an open faced sandwich on toasted bread. Baguettes and country-style breads are great choices for bases, since they toast nicely and hold up to weight, while being able to soak up flavours. Crostini are the perfect summer treat because they’re light, but rich […]


Main-Course Salads, Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Great year round, main-course salads are especially popular in warm weather. Here are some tips and ideas for a well-balanced meal-sized salad.


2016: International Year of Pulses!

The United Nations declared 2016 International Year of Pulses. Beans, lentils, peas, and chickpeas have been part of the food basket for centuries, because people around the world recognize their appeal as nutritious, versatile foods that can play an essential part in healthy diets.


TOP 10: Best Classic French Recipes

There’s a reason why we say “haute-cuisine” and it’s because France led a food revolution, among others. France gave us the 5 mother sauces, braising, sauté, fantastically delicate desserts, and much more. It’s virtually impossible to find a chef today who doesn’t take pride in having these basic techniques and recipes down pat – especially […]


TOP 10: Canadian Products

29 June, 2016 No Comments

Happy birthday Canada! To celebrate, we’ve put together some of the country’s top products. These are things that you’re sure to find at just about any Canadian supermarket, and they’re products that Canadians truly love and hold dear. Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 10 Canadian products.


TOP 10: Picnic Recipes

A picnic in the park is a wonderful treat for the friends and family alike. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors while sharing a meal with the people you love. But what to bring? We’ve put together a list of easy, mess-free recipes for you so that you can plan the perfect picnic! Here […]


TOP 10: Summer Recipes

Summer is finally here! It’s time to put away all those heavy dishes and opt for lighter recipes that are satisfying without being too filling. A bit of spice is always great in the summer, but refreshing fruity dishes really are the stars. It’s time for staying up late, having drinks on the terrace, and […]

poudng chomeur

Pouding Chômeur – Quebec’s Classic Dessert

For the last 90 years, the recipe for this dessert has been passed from one generation to the next with innumerable variations.


TOP 10: Traditional Canadian Recipes

20 June, 2016 No Comments

Happy Canada Day! In order to celebrate Canada, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 traditional Canadian recipes, or at least, our take on them! These healthy alternatives are every bit as Canadian as the originals, and are sure to become family favourites. So, celebrate Canada’s birthday with our top 10 traditional Canadian […]

fathers day

Delicious Meals and Recipes for Father’s Day

13 June, 2016 No Comments

It is now a tradition in many countries of the world: the 3rd Sunday of June, we celebrate our dads. Whether or not you’ve already found or not a gift for Dad, I invite you to celebrate with family.


TOP 10: Traditional Quebec Recipes

6 June, 2016 No Comments

In honour of St. Jean-Baptiste Day, also known as La fête nationale in Quebec, we’re celebrating Quebec cuisine. Some of these dishes are more widely known than others, but every Quebecois will recognise them. Our cuisine is homey and comforting, though not necessarily healthy. But it certainly would have sustained the first settlers through the […]


TOP 10: BBQ Recipes

BBQ season is upon us! It’s time to dust off the grill, stock up on charcoal or propane, and get cooking. Grilling is a great way to cook, not only because of the great flavour that smoke lends to foods, but because it allows the fat to drip away without adding much extra oil — […]