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This week's specials

This week's specials See this week's Flyer Specials

Save with meal planning

Our Meal Plans are updated every week to take advantage of the seasonal availability of fresh ingredients, and of the Flyer specials from your local grocery stores.

With SOSCuisine, you will save a lot by:

  • Making the most of supermarket flyer specials, without losing time to dissect the circulars
  • Buying fresh produce in season, when they are the cheapest
  • Shopping where it's worth it, without wasting fuel unnecessarily
  • Avoiding unnecessary trips to the store, because you are missing something
  • Not buying more than needed, to avoid wasting food, through effective planning
  • Buying fewer ready-to-eat meals
  • Eating out less often and ordering fewer take-out or home-delivered meals


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