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5 signs that you’re running too fast

November 25th 2014

• You get tired quickly and find it difficult to complete your run.

• You don’t enjoy your workout and you lack motivation.

• You feel out of breath and can’t hold a conversation.

• You don’t see any improvement and feel like you’ve hit a plateau.

• You are an experienced, often injured runner.

This list is far from exhaustive!
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My niece Nina receives a European Newspaper Award

November 25th 2014

Great News this morning: My niece Nina receives a European Newspaper Award for this beautiful illustration dedicated to Vinitaly, the world-famous wine and spirits trade show. Nina is a professional illustrator. She is the one who created SOSCuisine’s mascot – the foxy family. You can see more illustrations of hers on the website of Studio Armadillo, in Milan, which she co-founded and where she works.

vinitaly Nina Cuneo

“Ogilvy en fête”: a festive evening benefiting the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation

November 24th 2014

2Ogilvy en fête is a festive evening of shopping and gourmet delights that has been organized for the past five years to raise funds to benefit the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation*. Around 2,500 people attend this event every year!

This time around, SOSCuisine was one of the main sponsors, demonstrating our commitment to the health of our children. We also marked our presence with a booth on the 2nd floor, where we introduced our new VIP Personal Cook service that allows people with neither the time – nor desire – to cook, to eat well.

* From day one, the Foundation has been committed to engaging the community and supporting CHU Sainte-Justine in its mission to improve the health outcomes of a growing number of children.
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Measure properly to cook properly

November 24th 2014

If all you ever cook are soups and meats, it doesn’t matter which technique you use to measure your ingredients, because by more or less following the amount suggested for a recipe, you’re almost always likely to get it right.

But when it’s time for you to bake, or when you want to avoid mistakes and go faster, you have to work with greater precision and with the right instruments.
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Chia is chic

November 22nd 2014

chia7In pre-Columbian times, roasted and ground chia seed formed the basis of the Native American diet along with corn and beans. It was also used as an offering in religious ceremonies, which explains why the Spanish conquerors made it disappear.
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TOP 10 spiced (but not necessarily “spicy”) recipes

November 21st 2014

If you think that spiced dishes are always “spicy”, think again!

According to the dictionary, a spice is an aromatic herbal substance, whose more or less fragrant or pungent flavour is used to season dishes.

Several spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, vanilla are very aromatic, without being “pungent”, while others, such as pepper and chili have little or no taste, but they excite the taste buds with a positively spicy result.

A dish that is spiced is therefore full of flavour, tasty and seasoned, but not necessarily “spicy”.
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Our best ‘do-it-yourself’ gourmet gifts

November 18th 2014

The best gifts come from the heart… and the kitchen! Thoughtful touches that give the most pleasure aren’t always the most expensive, especially when they are also delicious!

So when you have to carry a gift for a party, why not ditch the traditional bottle of wine for a yummy recipe that shows the recipient that like him or her, you’re also no stranger to the kitchen!

This Christmas, personalize your gifts to your loved ones by giving them something that you have made with love, talent and… our help.
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