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Chia is chic

November 22nd 2014

chia7In pre-Columbian times, roasted and ground chia seed formed the basis of the Native American diet along with corn and beans. It was also used as an offering in religious ceremonies, which explains why the Spanish conquerors made it disappear.
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TOP 10 spiced (but not necessarily “spicy”) recipes

November 21st 2014

If you think that spiced dishes are always “spicy”, think again!

According to the dictionary, a spice is an aromatic herbal substance, whose more or less fragrant or pungent flavour is used to season dishes.

Several spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, vanilla are very aromatic, without being “pungent”, while others, such as pepper and chili have little or no taste, but they excite the taste buds with a positively spicy result.

A dish that is spiced is therefore full of flavour, tasty and seasoned, but not necessarily “spicy”.
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Our best ‘do-it-yourself’ gourmet gifts

November 18th 2014

The best gifts come from the heart… and the kitchen! Thoughtful touches that give the most pleasure aren’t always the most expensive, especially when they are also delicious!

So when you have to carry a gift for a party, why not ditch the traditional bottle of wine for a yummy recipe that shows the recipient that like him or her, you’re also no stranger to the kitchen!

This Christmas, personalize your gifts to your loved ones by giving them something that you have made with love, talent and… our help.
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OMG! Omega-3 from flax seed and flax seed oil!

November 15th 2014

The cultivation of flax goes back to time immemorial. More than 6,000 years ago in the time of the Pharaohs, Egyptians made fabric from it and ate its seeds for their medicinal properties.

With more than 70% of its weight in polyunsaturated fatty acids, flax seed oil is hugely popular, especially when you’re looking for a high intake of omega-3 and low intake of omega-6. Unfortunately the oil is very unstable and becomes rancid easily; it must be kept refrigerated and consumed quickly, as it could even turn toxic if it deteriorates.
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Top 10 best food movies

November 12th 2014

Passionate about food, gastronomy and cooking, the members of the SOSCuisine team reveal their 10 favourite food movies.
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Are artificial sweeteners linked to diabetes?

November 11th 2014

artificial-sweetenerA new study on artificial sweeteners has been published in the scientific journal, Nature.

Since its publication, my News Feed has been full of articles encouraging people to give up artificial sweeteners because of this study. As I’ve always disliked knee-jerk reactions to alarmist news, here are some details to help you clearly understand the study as well as its implications.
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Reducing your meat consumption: new arguments

November 11th 2014

Are you interested in saving money and reducing your ecological footprint?

Why not try to reduce your consumption of meat every day?

You’d certainly be doing a favour to your wallet and to the planet.
Here are some tips to help you!

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