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Must-have cookbooks? See our top picks!

August 26th 2015


In a time of cooking shows, food porn, and foodies’ blogs, most family kitchens house an incredible collection of cookbooks of all sorts. But what are the “must own” books that any house cook should refer to as useful mean to expand their repertoires?

Here’s our list:

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Juices: Miracle Cure?

August 20th 2015

vegetable juice

Juice cures have become increasingly popular in recent years. Their “detoxifying” power, which contributes to weight loss is touted as a sales pitch, to promote them. Juice cures promise to make us feel better about our bodies, but what’s the truth behind this new fad?
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Complementary and alternative treatments for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – Separating fact from fiction

August 17th 2015

middle-aged-couple-reading-laptop  (blue and white)

Do you feel like you’ve tried all the treatments for irritable bowel syndrome and you’re now tempted to try your hand at alternative methods? In this article, I’ll untangle the rumours from the facts to help you make the best decision possible. Hope this enlightens you, so let’s get started right away!

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Is Sushi Healthy? If yes, how many can I eat?

August 10th 2015

SushiThis blog is dedicated to all my fellow sushi lovers and all those who have ever wondered if this food is actually healthy.  It is common to assume that it is healthy; after all, it is simply white rice and fish. 

Today we will explore the question, “is sushi healthy and if so, how much should I eat?”  I will end with my recommendations for how to make your sushi dining experience even more healthful!

Get the wasabi ready (aka Japanese Horseradish) because this is going to get spicy!

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The pop-up food carnival “Restaurant Day” movement is growing

August 7th 2015

Montreal_-_Rue_CrescentRestaurant Day is a worldwide ‘food carnival’ when anyone, anywhere, can open a restaurant for a day and share their culinary expertise and passion with their friends, neighbours, and local community. This event is organized 4 times a year, in several cities across the world. It all started in Finland a little over 4 years ago.

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Hair and Nails: Mirrors of Your Health

July 31st 2015

NailsWe love taking care of our hair and nails, its obvious! Just look at the multitude of beauty products piled high in the cosmetics aisle: creams, oils, masks, sprays and other treatments made from secret ingredients… but before spending all your money on products full of promise, start by taking care of the inside, because hair and nail beauty begins with a high quality diet; it’s not marketing, it’s a physiological certainty!

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Certified gluten-free oats, great news for celiac disease sufferers

July 28th 2015

oats-701299_1280Since last May, Health Canada allows gluten-free claims labelling for specially produced “pure oats” with gluten content under 20 ppm.

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