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Greek yogurt is so cool

August 30th 2014

yogo-grecGreek yogurt is undoubtedly the latest dairy product fad. And yet, it’s not really a new kid on the block, as it is part of the culinary heritage of the Middle East.

It is in fact just an ordinary yogurt that has been strained. Which accounts for its thicker consistency and much higher protein content as compared to ordinary yogurts. Even non-fat varieties are thick and creamy, so they are an ideal substitute for sour cream in dips, and cream cheese in cakes.
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Home canning – prepare it safely

August 29th 2014

Home canning is a popular and safe way to preserve food for later use. Jams, pickles, soups, sauces, meat and seafood are frequently canned in glass jars.  If home canned foods are not properly prepared, they can cause serious illness such as botulism.

Botulism is caused by the toxin of bacterium – called Clostridium botulinum -that affects the nervous system and can cause paralysis.

It is estimated there are approximately 4 million cases of food-related illnesses of all types in Canada every year.  Many of these illnesses could be prevented by following proper food handling and preparation techniques.

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Forget about your cell phone while eating!

August 26th 2014

Eating is a very important act of socialization in our lives. For example, dining together as a family has many health benefits. Not only is the food on the table often more nutritious than a meal eaten alone, such habits also encourage family bonding.
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Eating raw

August 23rd 2014

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on August 23, 2014.

raw-lasagna-with-flowerRawism or raw food diets are becoming popular, owing mostly to the advantages of such an eating approach on the health of its followers.

In fact, raw foodism provides vitamins, fibre, antioxidants, helps eliminate accumulated waste from the body and improves intestinal flora, and thereby the immune system.
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Zero gravity cooking

August 20th 2014


Photo-Nora-Luther-9A feast for all the senses, food has been inspiring photographers for a long time. Many photos that glorify food or illustrate magnificent recipes are already all over the Internet. And some of these are more innovative than others. The ones that German artists Nora Luther and Pavel Beker have just published belong to this category.

After selecting a recipe, they gather all the ingredients required for its preparation and they photograph them “in mid-air”. By using such a method, the food looks as though it is suspended over the pots and dishes.
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Edible flowers

August 16th 2014

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on August 16, 2014.

The zucchini or squash flower is simply magnificent: Five long bright yellow petals that open out into a star and a large yellow pistil. It also tastes very delicious: its texture is crunchy and slightly spongy and it has a very fresh, sweet and mildly tangy flavour.

In Italy and Provence, it is mostly eaten as a savoury fritter, but the below recipe calls for stuffing and baking it in the oven.
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7 easy tips to pack a healthy lunch

August 15th 2014


fruits-rainbowLunch at work or at school doesn’t need to be dull or unhealthy — it just takes some planning.

Here’s a few tips for a healthy and easy lunch box:

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