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Overnight, no-cook oatmeal for people on the go

April 15th 2015

oatmealA breakfast of oatmeal is a great idea since oats contain fibres that provide you with a longer-lasting sense of fullness and actually keep hunger pangs at bay. Oats also contain vitamins B1, B2 and E and even help reduce “bad” cholesterol levels.

Although instant oats are a tempting time-saving option, they almost always contain too much sugar, salt and a long list of unpronounceable ingredients that we can certainly do without.
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6000 thanks for the visit

April 12th 2015

expo_soscuisineThe Eat Well and Living Green Expo is attracting more visitors each year. This year edition has totalled 22 500 visitors in Montreal and 9 500 in Quebec. As a consequence, visitors at our stand have increased too, reaching a record 6 000.

Backbreaking – because there was not a moment to sit down – but essential, in a virtual world, to be finally able to meet our users. Among them, many fans who shared their experience and showed their support.
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How to pack a “salad in a jar”, the new go-to lunch

April 8th 2015

瓶に入ったサラダThe mason jar salad is the latest fashion to solve the boring task of packing your lunch. It’s portable, healthy, easy to make and offers room for plenty of variety.

Dressing goes on the bottom, veggies and other salad goodies get layered on top. Everything stays separate and dressing-free until you shake the jar, then empty its content into a bowl.

As long as your jar doesn’t accidentally tip over you in your bag, the delicate greens will be well-protected from the dressing until you’re ready to eat. Even better, these salads last a few days in the fridge so you can make a few ahead of time.

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Simple and affordable tips for cleaning naturally

April 6th 2015

young latino man washing dishesYou can actually save a lot of money on house cleaning products if you unearth grandma’s trade secrets, which also have the advantage of not using industrial chemicals. Read the rest of this entry »

IBS : What Would You Risk for a Cure?

April 1st 2015

SII-monthApril marks another Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness Month in Canada. Affecting 13-20% of the population, this diverse condition can have a drastic impact on a person’s life. How drastic, you ask? Enough that many patients say they would even risk death for a chance at a cure, according to a surprising study published last summer by The American Journal of Gastroenterology.
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Five easy ways to reuse your leftover Easter chocolate

March 31st 2015

Easter is a great occasion to please your sweet tooth with chocolate bunnies and eggs.

But when the party is over, what to do with all the leftovers?


Here are 5 insightful ways to use them up:
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Easter Brunch 2015

March 30th 2015

If you wish to have a nice lie-in on Easter Sunday and still host friends and family for the traditional brunch, we have a proposal for you.

Try our special menu, with easy recipes that can be made ahead. You’ll find the recipes and grocery list by clicking on this link.
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