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8 proposed food labelling changes

September 12th 2014

nutrtition-labelsSanté Canada proposes to change the labelling of foods. I’m sure you can imagine how huge this news must be for a dietitian! Given below is a summary of what I think are the most important changes, and my take on each of them.

1)      Harmonizing serving sizes by product category

Although some regulations already exist regarding serving sizes on products, the latter warrant some improvements. The proposed changes are seemingly based on “common sense”. We like it. For example, the nutritional value of sliced bread can currently be given for 1, 1 ½, 2 slices… It’s hard to compare products between them! With the change, all breads would display information for 2 slices, which is much simpler! Though it’s true that the weight of a slice changes from one brand to another, no one ever says: “I eat 94 grams of bread in the morning!”
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5 benefits of meal planning

September 10th 2014

With summer drawing to a close and regular schedules on track again, most of us will get back to very hectic routines. Mealtimes and “cooking up” lunches can become a real headache. Did you know that according to a survey conducted by Dietitians of Canada in 2012, only a third of Canadians plans their meals? This, despite the numerous benefits of meal planning. Here are 5 benefits of implementing it!
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22 Hospital Foods From Around The World

September 10th 2014



Who said you can’t eat well in hospitals? Hospital food doesn’t have the best reputation, in general, but you could be surprised, especially if you travel.

With these 22 pictures, put together by the American website BuzzFeed, see for yourself how patients eat around the world.

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Healthy snacks for optimum energy

September 9th 2014

Isnacks_healthy_onn order to maintain a stable rate of blood sugar (blood glucose level), it’s important to eat at regular intervals and to snack between meals, especially if you spend more than 3 or 4 hours without food. But which snack should you choose? To remain energized all day long, you should pair a carbohydrate-rich food with a high protein food.
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Healthy cafeteria options

September 7th 2014

Making lunches for your kids helps fuel their bodies and minds at school.

But if you know they plan on eating in the cafeteria or getting take-out, it’s a good idea to share these tips to help them choose a healthier lunch.
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A low-carb pizza???

September 6th 2014

eggplant-pizzaEveryone loves pizza, especially kids. But people on a diet try to avoid it, as it might pile on the kilos.

Yet it can be part of a balanced diet, as long as it’s not buried under high-calorie toppings.

And you can also rustle up some amazing as well as delicious variations. For example, try replacing the pie crust with a breaded and crisp slice of eggplant!!!
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The challenges of a vegan diet

September 5th 2014

Vegans don’t consume any animal product including eggs, dairy, honey, gelatine, etc.

When you eliminate an entire category of food, you must absolutely ensure that all the nutrients normally present in this category are found elsewhere.

For example, calcium in dairy products and vitamin D that is added to milk and is present in fatty fish must be found elsewhere in the diet of vegans who consume neither dairy nor fish.
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