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King-cake, an Epiphany tradition

January 6th 2014

SOSCuisine/Galette des roisThe King-cake, which celebrates Epiphany, is traditionally sold and eaten in France a few days before and after this festival day.

In northern France, it consists of flaky puff pastry often stuffed with various fillings such as frangipane (almond cream), fruits, cream, or chocolate. In southern France, the cake is usually a brioche with candied fruits arranged on top like an orange blossom-scented crown.
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4 mealtimes for kids this winter

December 26th 2013

Suggestions for decorating your meals with some festive spirit this holiday season…


Christmas Pancake Tree by SOSCuisine

I. Morning

The morning meal is very important for children: it should provide them with the proper energy intake to last all morning. Breakfast recipes containing the ever popular crepes are an ideal way to start the day.

We offer you the Breakfast “Julia” with a twist to the pancake presentation that will perk up even the biggest sleepyheads early in the morning!

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History of cranberries

December 23rd 2013

Cranberry, a cousin of the red bilberry, is present in all the sauces of the festive season!

Used as a poultice by Native Indian witch doctors, cranberry was also adopted by American sailors to fight against scurvy. In fact, US troops consumed around 500,000 kg per year during the Second World War!

Just a reminder of the TOP 3 elements in cranberry:

1. Antioxidants

Several studies carried out in recent years have highlighted the ability of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals from the body and thus, prevent the onset of various age-related diseases such as certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases. As it is better to be safe than sorry, the dietician team at SOSCuisine proposes simple and delicious menus that meet the latest scientific recommendations for maintaining good health.

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Eat fruits and vegetables daily in 5 easy steps!

December 16th 2013

Healthy eating is a key component of our health and well-being.

Did you know that the daily consumption of vegetables and fruits might help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer?  Moreover, regularly eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables can also reduce the risk of heart disease. Yet it is not always easy to include these foods in our daily meals, among other things, for lack of time and organization.

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The best food items for the food drive

December 10th 2013

Top10 dons alimentaires sur le blog de SOSCuisine

Sadly the list of non-perishable items required by food banks for helping families in need is very long.

This list includes, among other items, basic food such as flour, sugar, oil, rice, breakfast cereals, and canned vegetables. Of course you can also choose pastries and more expensive food that underprivileged families can’t treat themselves to.

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Food for thought: “Live Below the Line” with $1.75/day

April 26th 2013

Have you heard about the “Live Below the Line” challenge? In a nutshell, it’s a fund-raising campaign that’s challenging the way we think about poverty. About 20,000 people are expected to take up the challenge this year. In Canada, it’s a matter of living on $1.75 a day for 5 days, next week, from April 29 to May 3.

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Valentine’s Day menus, recipes and can’t-miss chocolate dessert

February 6th 2013

Quite a few of you have asked me to plan a special Valentine’s Day menu. I have prepared 2, which are equally mouth-watering, but are quite different nutritionally (calories and fats).

Pick the one that is best for you:

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