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Food Safety Tips for the Holidays

December 19th 2012

To help our readers keep healthy during the holidays, we are publishing here Health Canada’s recommendations

Food is an important part of many holiday celebrations. However, many of the foods found at holiday parties, such as baked goods, eggnog, cider, seafood and turkey, can carry viruses, bacteria or parasites that could cause foodborne illness (“food poisoning”).

Health Canada would like to remind all Canadians of some basic steps they can take to help reduce the risk of foodborne illness during the holiday season.

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A clever gift for Xmas

December 4th 2012

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on December 1st, 2012.

To spread happiness this festive season without going broke, what better than a useful and worthwhile gift, purchased at a reasonable price? In matters of food, a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil holds great value and is always appreciated by my friends.

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The year-round tomatoes from … Santa Claus village!

November 26th 2012

Right at the Arctic Circle, in the Swedish village of Nybyn (245 inhabitants), in Lapland, the world’s northernmost year-round cultivation of tomatoes has started a few weeks ago. Obviously, these tomatoes, of the “espero” variety, are produced in a greenhouse, which is 1,500 square metres large — about the size of two soccer fields.

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Chocolate cake worthy of a record

November 16th 2012

A Swiss baker from Geneva entered the Guinness Book of Records last Sunday, for having prepared a chocolate cake that was 1,221.60 metres long and weighing 4.2 tonnes.

The preparation of the cake took 864 litres of cream, 576 litres of milk, 600 kg of flour, 432 kg of butter and 360 kg of chocolate fondant. And it also took the work of 250 people.

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World’s most expensive cheese

November 13th 2012

A new cheese made from donkey’s milk in a farm in Zasavica, one of Serbia’s most famous natural reserves, is now offered to food-lovers with expensive tastes and … deep pockets.

At 1000 euros/kilo (about 1270 $/kilo), this cheese is thought to be the world’s priciest. Part of its cost is due to the difficulty of milking the donkeys and to the fact that it takes about 25 litres of fresh milk to make a kilo of this cheese.

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How to eat a straw-berry

November 8th 2012

Strawberry season is over, but it is never too late to learn how to eat them. Apparently we have been eating them all wrong. Do you slice them? Do you eat them while holding them by their leafy end?

Watch this video and you’ll find the proper way, … using a straw:

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About giant pumpkins

October 4th 2012

Those of you who follow this blog regularly, already know that pumpkins are often featured here.

Here’s some recent news about pumpkins:

Largest pumpkin ever
The world record for largest pumpkin has been broken this week at the Topsfield fair, in Massachusetts, with a specimen weighing in at a whopping 2,009 pounds (912 kg). The heaviest pumpkin title was previously held by a Quebecer grower, whose pumpkin was weighing only (!) 1818,5 pounds, about 825 kg.
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