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World Kitchen Garden Day

August 24th 2013

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on August 24, 2013.

World Kitchen Garden Day is a celebration that takes place on the fourth Sunday of August every year.

It’s an opportunity for people all around the world to gather in their gardens with family, friends and members of their community to celebrate the multiple pleasures and benefits of locally-grown and hand-made foods.

It’s the organization “Kitchen Gardeners International”  that launched this event in 2003 to celebrate the passion of market gardeners all over the world. The aim of the day is to promote and educate people about the benefits of kitchen gardens and community spirit.

If you happen to be an amateur kitchen gardener, you can invite your friends over to share your harvest with you. Otherwise, take the opportunity to go over to your kitchen gardener friends’ houses or visit a community garden.

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