Smart Meal Plans for Diverticulosis


"I want to thank you for helping people eat diversified and balanced meals, because when patients are discharged from hospital, they are given a very basic set of do's and don'ts, and you're pretty much on your own... So obviously relapses are likely, and it was my case ...

After my second discharge from hospital for diverticulitis, my gastroenterologist told me what foods I should avoid, what foods I should eat and that I had to add fiber gradually. I found myself with the difficult problem of translating this into real meals, and figuring out how to reintroduce fiber. I searched the web and found your meal plans. As a precaution, I asked the opinion of my doctor and pharmacist, who were very interested. After checking, they told me to go ahead, since the recommendations seemed serious and the meal plans well made, balanced and with no deficiencies.

I followed your meal plans and now I'm doing very well, I have no more stomach aches. I found a quality of life that I had almost forgotten, thanks to your service. I also took probiotics as recommended. My doctor and pharmacist are very pleased and told me they would recommend sos cuisine to their patients.

Thank you for the smart meal plans - AWESOME!"
Annie V.
Limoges, France
Avocado, Mango and Grilled Chicken Salad Quick Green Flageolet Bean Soup Fusilli with Zucchini