Essential guidelines

Here's what you need to know and prepare for guaranteeing the success of a 'personal cook' service. The cook will greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Receiving the cook

  • 1st visit: You should be at home to receive the cook and to show him where everything is in your kitchen
  • • Subsequent visits: Make sure that somebody is at home to open the door for the cook. If you plan on being absent, we suggest that you get a combination lock and make sure that you pass on the combination to the cook before his visit. You can find this item at Canadian Tire for around $40.

Prepping the kitchen before each visit

  • The necessary equipment should be easily accessible, clean and ready for use by the cook
  • The worktops should be clean and uncluttered
  • The sink should be clean and unclogged
  • Free some espace in the refrigerator and freezer for storing cooked dishes, i.e., 2 free shelves in the refrigerator and 1 free shelf in the freezer
  • The ingredients should be easily accessible and ready to use
    • Keep all the non-perishable ingredients on the counter
    • Keep all the refrigerated ingredients on the same shelves in which the cooked dishes will be placed
      • Meat and fish should be thawed

After the cook leaves

  • If you are not there when the cook leaves your place, make sure that you return within 2 hours of his departure. This is because the cook may have left some very hot dishes on the counter to be cooled before putting them in the refrigerator or freezer. You will have to do it yourself once the dishes are cooled, in order to maintain their quality and wholesomeness