What's in Season? - Province of Quebec (supermarkets)

This table presents the actual availability of Quebec-grown fruits and vegetables, with a direct link to the recipes that use them. The green colour indicates that the product is available at the main food retailers across Quebec.

The information is updated frequently, to reflect the variations in actual harvesting dates caused by weather conditions over the territory. This updating is done directly by the QPGA (Quebec Produce Growers Association), through a partnership with SOSCuisine.

If you find an error in the table, please report it directly to the QPGA.


  •   Not available
  •   Available
  •   Today
  •   Forecast
Week beginning on Monday: Jan 9
(last week)
Jan 16
(current week)
Jan 23
(next week)
Jan 30
Feb 6
Apple, all varieties Recipes                                    
Apple, Cortland Recipes                                    
Apple, Empire Recipes                                    
Apple, Lobo Recipes                                    
Apple, McIntosh Recipes                                    
Apple, Paula Red Recipes                                    
Apple, Spartan Recipes                                    
Aromatic herbs Recipes                                    
Artichoke Recipes                                    
Asparagus Recipes                                    
Aubergine/Eggplant (variety) Recipes                                    
Beetroot Recipes                                    
Belgian endive (Witloof) Recipes                                    
Blueberries Recipes                                    
Boston lettuce Recipes                                    
Boston lettuce, hydroponic Recipes                                    
Broccoli Recipes                                    
Brussels sprouts Recipes                                    
Cabbage, Bok Choy Recipes                                    
Cantaloupe Recipes                                    
Carrots, bunch Recipes                                    
Carrots, cello Recipes                                    
Carrots, mini Recipes                                    
Cauliflower Recipes                                    
Celeriac / Celery-root Recipes                                    
Celery Recipes                                    
Chinese cabbage Recipes                                    
Corn on the cob Recipes                                    
Cranberries Recipes                                    
Cucumber, field Recipes                                    
Cucumber, greenhouse Recipes                                    
Cucumber, pickling Recipes                                    
Curly endive Recipes                                    
Curly leaf lettuce Recipes                                    
Curly leaf lettuce, red Recipes                                    
Escarole Recipes                                    
Fava beans Recipes                                    
Garlic Recipes                                    
Green beans Recipes                                    
Green cabbage Recipes                                    
Green cauliflower Recipes                                    
Green onion (scallion) Recipes                                    
Green pepper Recipes                                    
Ground cherries Recipes                                    
Hot pepper Recipes                                    
Iceberg lettuce Recipes                                    
Leeks Recipes                                    
Maple products Recipes                                    
Melon, honeydew Recipes                                    
Mushrooms (variety) Recipes                                    
Napa cabbage Recipes                                    
New potato Recipes                                    
Onion, red Recipes                                    
Onion, yellow Recipes                                    
Parsnip Recipes                                    
Potato (white) Recipes                                    
Potato, Yukon Gold (yellow flesh) Recipes                                    
Pumpkin Recipes                                    
Radicchio (red chicory) Recipes                                    
Radish, bunch Recipes                                    
Radish, cello Recipes                                    
Raspberries (summer) Recipes                                    
Raspberry, Fall Recipes                                    
Red cabbage Recipes                                    
Red sweet pepper Recipes                                    
Rhubarb Recipes                                    
Romaine lettuce Recipes                                    
Rutabaga Recipes                                    
Savoy cabbage Recipes                                    
Shallot Recipes                                    
Small potatoes Recipes                                    
Snow peas Recipes                                    
Spanish onion Recipes                                    
Spinach Recipes                                    
Squash (variety) Recipes                                    
Squash, Pattypan Recipes                                    
Strawberries (summer) Recipes                                    
Strawberries, Fall Recipes                                    
Swiss chard Recipes                                    
Tomato, field Recipes                                    
Tomato, greenhouse Recipes                                    
Tomato, Italian (Roma) Recipes                                    
Tomato, mini Recipes                                    
Turnip Recipes                                    
Watermelon Recipes                                    
Zucchini Recipes                                    
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