Pearle Nerenberg

Pearle Nerenberg, MSc., R.D. is Canada's leading expert on hockey nutrition, and author of the book The Nutrition Edge for Hockey Performance. She co-founded and chairs the Hockey Nutrition Network, an international non-profit organization dedicated to linking hockey players with top sports dietitians who have an expertise in hockey nutrition.

Recent posts from Pearle

Insider nutrition from Bratislava’s Hockey Medicine Conference

From food timing to the best tools being developed for hockey players the top 5 picks of insider information from the European Congress of Hockey Medicine is here for you to check out.

Should I eat a low carb diet in the off-season?

High carb foods can be your best tool to perform well while executing sprinting or power movements. However, carbs can also hinder you if you eat too much of them. Simple unrefined carbs from white breads, processed cereals, and candies are the most confusing as there are many times when these are not good to […]

Is there a magic diet to help me grow taller?

QUICK ANSWER >>> From youth hockey all the way to the professional level, extra height is advantageous. But getting taller is not 100% in your control.Genetics account for about 80% of your height by dictating when hormones for growth are released. The rest of your height can be achieved by creating a good environment that […]

carb loading surcharge en glycogene

What is carbohydrate loading and is it a good idea for me?

16 February, 2016 No Comments

QUICK ANSWER >>> The modern approach to “carbohydrate loading” can help your performance during a tournament. To carbohydrate load your muscles, you reduce practice intensity and increase carbohydrate and fluid intake for the three days before a tournament. This allows your muscles to build up their carbohydrate stores, thereby having more energy available when it […]

dietary supplements

Product Reviews for Athletes

Our partner Pearle Nerenberg, who is a registered dietitian specialized in the area of sports nutrition, is starting a new column on this blog today. Every month, she independently tests products and reports back on their utility for athletes.

Vitamin D Supplements and Hockey Performance

Should I take Vitamin D supplements to improve my hockey performance? Most hockey players in the world do not live in environments that allow them to get enough vitamin D easily using sun exposure. Indoor training and low available sunlight during the hockey season mean that food sources of vitamin D (fish, egg yolks and […]

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