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How to Choose a Low FODMAP Bread?

Kathryn Adel August 31, 2020 ,

Eating foods that are low in FODMAPs* can be helpful for many individuals by helping them better control their symptoms related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). However, finding low FODMAP products, like a good bread, can be tricky. If you are currently following a low FODMAP diet, I invite you to read this article to help you choose a bread that is right for you!


Everything You Need to Know About Histamine Intolerance

Kathryn Adel August 19, 2020 ,

Histamine is a chemical compound derived from the amino acid histidine. It is known for its role in the body’s immune response to foreign proteins, especially the allergic response. During an allergic reaction, antibodies cause histamine to release, which can trigger a series of inflammatory reactions and cause symptoms to arise. On a daily basis, small amounts of histamine help regulate functions throughout the body. Histamine is produced by the body’s white blood cells, specifically the mast cells, but is also naturally present in many foods. The amount of histamine found in a food may be inherent in the food or depend on external factors such as the stage of maturation, as well as the storage, processing method, and origin.


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Physical Activity: The Best Medicine!

Fédération des kinésiologues du Québec Mon kinésiologue August 17, 2020 ,

The many benefits of physical activity on your physical and psychological health no longer need to be proven. Exercise helps control the effects of aging including the loss of cognitive function, improves your functional capacities, quality of life and even your life expectancy. So that you can live longer and live better!


Obesity and COVID, Is There an Increased Risk?

Jennifer Morzier August 17, 2020

Not all of us are equal in the face of the complications that COVID-19 can cause. It is well known that the elderly, but also those with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or kidney failure and cardiovascular disease are more vulnerable.

In addition, a growing number of studies tend to show that people with obesity are at greater risk of developing severe complications when affected by COVID-19 regardless of their age.

Also, obese people are more vulnerable to certain viruses, as we have seen with influenza, H1N1 and other respiratory viruses.


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How Do You Practice Meditation?

Fédération des kinésiologues du Québec Mon kinésiologue August 11, 2020

We offer you here some tips to introduce you to meditation and help you learn the basics of this ancestral art.


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