The Mediterranean Diet

Over the last fifty years or so, there has been growing scientific data on the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet to prevent heart attacks, strokes as well as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer-type dementia and even depression. All our menus are based on this food pattern, so that you can enjoy their great taste as well as their great health benefits.


And even if you not live by the Mediterranean, you can still follow this diet with ease and learn more about it with the following articles:

Eat Better with the Mediterranean Diet

Regime mediterranéen

Mediterranean diet’s benefits confirmed

Another major study was released this week on the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. This study found that people who eat it have a 30% lower risk of heart disease than those who eat a traditional low-fat diet.

Want to live 15 years longer ? Follow the Mediterranean diet!

A recent study has demonstrated that combining this diet with a healthy lifestyle, i.e. regular exercise, not smoking, and maintaining a healthy weight, can add up to 15 years to women’s life expectancy.

Eat fatty fish, live longer

For years we have been told that consumption of seafood high in omega-3 fatty acids may help protect against cardiovascular disease. But the data supporting this health claim have been indirect sofar.

Olive and Canola oil: For almost all occasions

Fat has a bad reputation, but this is undeserved. Fat is required by the body and brain to function properly. It also adds flavour to food. It’s the type and quantity of fat that matters.


The Mediterranean Diet in Practice

The 7 main principles of the Mediterranean diet

Here are the 7 main features of this diet, which is usually represented graphically by a pyramid.

CHUM adopts the “Heart-Healthy” meal plans of SOSCuisine

It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the official launch of the 3-year partnership between the Fondation du CHUM (University of Montreal Health Centre) and our company (Sukha Technologies Inc. – SOSCuisine).

coeur en santé

The Mediterranean in Your Plate

TOP 10 Heart Healthy recipes

To celebrate this month of the heart, we have prepared for you the list of our TOP 10 “Heart-Healthy” recipes. These recipes are low in cholesterol, contain a limited amount of sodium and contain either no or little saturated fat and trans fat.

mediterranean diet italian cuisine

Taming the octopus

Octopuses are molluscs with eight tentacles bearing suction cups, and they live in shallow waters in temperate zones around the world.

A gourmet pigment named “squid ink”

“Sepia” or “squid ink” is an opaque liquid secreted by molluscs such as cuttlefish and squid as an act of self-defense.

 The best pesto in the world!

AUTHENTIC pesto is a creamy sauce that is “crushed”  in a mortar with a wooden pestle, using ingredients such as basil, garlic, pine nuts, grated cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

recette pesto recipe

Discover Swiss chard

In Canada, locally grown Swiss chard can be found in supermarkets from the month of June until the end of Summer.

Caper, a delicious bud

Did you know that capers are not the fruit, but the flower buds of the caper plant?

A Pseudo-Fruit named Fig

Botanically speaking, fig is not a real fruit but rather a fleshy-structured inflorescence containing hundreds of tiny crunchy seeds, which becomes edible when ripe.

Quince season

Fruit of the quince tree, which grows in countries with a Mediterranean climate, quince resembles a large yellow pear in its shape and colour.

Ile de Capri, Italie, Europe

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