Smart Meal Plans for Irritable Bowel Syndrome


"This was much better than Weight Watcher. I have lost weight and eaten tasty meals. My doctor is happy now that my glucose and blood pressure are under control. I want to continue, beacause it helps me stay motivated."

Jackie W.
Montréal, QC, Canada

"I have been very happy with the service. I did not feel I was on a diet since everything I tried was so tasty. We learned to cook fish. My glucose got in control within the third week and I have lost 25 lbs gradually over 6 months.

Best part is the education about the quantities we should eat, now I know what and how much to order when I am travelling."

Ken L.
Montréal, QC, Canada

Hunter-Style Chicken Peach, Arugula and Chèvre Salad Soupe Mulligatawny