Celebrate women!

French philosopher Pierre Bayle said that « the greatest events happen thanks to women».
At SOSCuisine, we do agree with this statement. Hence in this month that celebrates Mothers, we invite you to celebrate all the women around you, whether they are mothers or not.

SOSCuisine's contribution is to accompany women through the different moments of their life, with meal plans specifically conceived for them.

In becoming a member of the SOSCuisine's community, you will be invited to fill up a personal profile including your size, age, weight, and food preferences. Then, you will receive a personalized meal plan tailored to your needs: endurance sport, weight loss, arthritis, healthy with pleasure, constipation, etc.

Smart meal planning is essential for optimal health!

Here you will find ideas for some original gifts to a woman in your life as well as nutritional advice, some fun articles and useful info dedicated to women.

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Gift ideas

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Offer a professional cook to the woman in your life...


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Nutrition Info

For the pregnant woman: Pregnancy meal plan

Lacto ovo vegetarian Meal Plans

These menus are designed to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women, which vary during the 3 trimesters of pregnancy. They are also designed to help prevent or control gestational diabetes. By following them, you will be assured to do what is best for you and your baby.

Be featured on TPLMoms!

Be featured on TPLMoms

Photographer Marie-Pier Valiquette will make you and your child the star of TPLMom’s website. Wish to participate? Join the contest 'Celebrating Women' at the top of the page. The winner will be drawn at the end of the month: Good luck!

For the mother: Breastfeeding meal plan

Breastfeeding Menus

These menus are designed to ensure that the specific dietary needs of the breastfeeding woman are met, both for herself and her baby. They are based on the Mediterranean diet and use a maximum of fresh ingredients and unprocessed foods.


Offrez un cuisinier à domicile

Meet Sara and baby Aidan!

« From the weight loss to pregnancy and breastfeeding menus; I have done them all! My experience with SOS Cuisine menus started a few months before my wedding because my husband and I wanted to look good on our wedding day so we decided...»


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Offrez un cuisinier à domicile

Mom Valérie and her little Léa...

« I discovered SOSCuisine.com several years ago. The idea that someone could take care of planning my meals for the week delighted me! I tried out several meal plans over the years. Then, in February 2013, I found out that...»


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Stay beautiful and healthy: Menopause meal plan

Menu Lacto ovo végétarien

These Meal Plans ensure that all specific dietary needs of women during menopause are met, to alleviate menopause-related discomfort and disorders, as well as to prevent certain illnesses (osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, etc.).

A sign of appreciation...

Enjoy the great outdoors and surprise your Mom with a picnic in the park for Mother’s day.

Menu Lacto ovo végétarien

Mom stays in bed today while the kids are preparing a delicious breakfast to celebrate Mother’s day....

Menu Lacto ovo végétarien

The matriarchs spend all year looking after their little "chicks" - so treat the Mother Hen of the house to a night off with an elegant meal.

Menu Lacto ovo végétarien