Parsley and Garlic Base

Parsley and Garlic Base

Rather than chop parsley and garlic each time a recipe call for them, you can prepare some in advance and have it ready-to-use in the refrigerator when you need it.

375 ml
Preparation 30 min
$2.54 for 375 ml
$1.79 with specials


1 bunch Italian parsley, fresh   100 g
3 cloves garlic    
9 tbsp olive oil (enough to cover) 140 mL

Before you start

A small food processor will be very useful to chop the ingredients.


Only the parsley leaves are used, since the stems are too hard. Wash and spin-dry the leaves. Finely chop them together with the garlic cloves. Put this mixture into a glass jar, cover with a layer of oil to prevent air oxidation, then put the lid on. (The oil quantity indicated below is for reference only). Put the jar in the refrigerator.

Important: Never let the jar stand at room temperature, to prevent any risk of food poisoning.


Can be stored in the refrigerator up to 1 month; 3 months in the freezer. Remember to top up with oil every time you use it, to prevent oxidation and mould formation.

This recipe is in the following categories: Halal | Kosher | Vegan | Vegetarian

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