About our Partnership

The collaboration between CGI and SOSCuisine aims at improving the well-being of CGI employees through a healthy diet.

We all know that eating well, exercising and managing stress are key elements to be healthy physically and psychologically. However, sometimes it takes a little nudge to remind and encourage us to take action. Thereby, CGI has teamed up with SOSCuisine to provide its employees with services and tools to improve their eating habits, health and well-being!

SOSCuisine is proud to contribute to the well-being of CGI members!

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Janie Chartré-Bertrand

My collaboration with SOS Cuisine, be it for their participation in events, or for the use of their services by our employees, has always been a success. Their customer care is fast and very effective. Our employees are more than happy to find online menus for the week, including food prices at their preferred supermarkets, healthy recipe ideas that take into account their individual dietary restrictions, and more.

We are convinced of the benefits that SOSCuisine can provide to our employees, in adopting healthier eating habits. That’s why we repeatedly invite SOSCusine to join in the events that we organize for our employees, such as our legendary ‘Stairs Challenge’ or fairs featuring health professionals.

Additionally, SOSCuisine is an excellent partner for the one on one consultations that we give our employees. COnsidering the fast-paced life of our workforce, and the challenge in juggling with work-life balance, it is increasingly difficult to maintain healthy eating habits. That’s why we chose SOSCuisine to support our employees in their efforts to optimize their lifestyle.

Janie Chartré-Bertrand


Are you a CGI member ? Enjoy SOSCuisine at a preferential rate!

Consult your privileges on My Health Portal, in the tab “Services”. Or contact us, we will be glad to give you all details about CGI-SOSCuisine’s corporate agreement..


About CGI

CGI is a flagship of Quebec entrepreneurship, playing in the major leagues. In fact, this giant in information technology and business process management services is now a multinational company with over 70,000 employees worldwide.

CGI takes the health and wellness of its employees very seriously and it has developed and refined a corporate program that is a model in the industry. This program is the result of work carried out by their internal team called Oxygen, which has the mandate not only to manage it in all the company’s offices in Canada, but also to evolve and adapt it so that it can be applied in all the CGI subsidiaries throughout the world.

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