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médecins francophones du canada

About our Partnership

In December 2014, Médecins francophones du Canada started recommending the services of SOSCuisine.com to its members. The aim of this multiannual agreement is to encourage physicians to discover and try out all the SOSCuisine services as a practical means of acquiring healthy eating habits, both for themselves and for their patients.

The decision of Médecins francophones du Canada was obviously made easier by the fact that SOSCuisine proposes a wide range of specialized menus for various medical and non-medical conditions, and that the service is already recommended by numerous prestigious organizations in the health sector.

Members of the Médecins francophones du Canada are entitled to free and unlimited access to our Premium Service.

Dre Marie-Françoise Mégie, M.D

Need meal advice tailored to our patients’ different chronic medical conditions? Always under the stress of a hectic work schedule? No time to plan or prepare meals? Yet we all know the major impact of a healthy diet on overall health. Médecins francophones du Canada, in its objective of promoting the well-being of doctors and quality medicine based on human values, offers free and unlimited access to SOSCuisine Premium service. This is an easy website to navigate. You’ll find customised menus, a smart grocery list, tailored support by a nutritionist and more …

Dre Marie-Françoise Mégie, M.D
President, Médecins francophones du Canada


About Médecins francophones du Canada

Founded in 1902, Médecins Francophones du Canada is committed to uniting physicians for the purposes of promoting quality medicine with human values by regrouping them in formal and virtual networks and providing them with resources and tools to support their initiatives and projects.

Its activities cover many areas including:

  • Continuing vocational training of its members, in order to maintain and cultivate the tradition of excellence in the Francophone medical community.
  • Networking of Francophone physicians
  • Promotion of French in medicine
  • Health and well-being of physicians
  • Medical and social development
  • Health and environment
  • Humanization of care

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