Grocery Flyers Comparison Wizard

Great bargain
This product is very rarely cheaper at this time of year in your region - Stock up!
This product is rarely cheaper at this time of year in your region - Stock up!
The price is about average for this time of year in your region.
This product is usually cheaper at this time of year in your region - Buy if quality is worth it or if really needed.
Not qualifiable
The price cannot be qualified, due either to insufficient data provided by the merchant (), or insufficient historical data ().

Flyer Specials Page

Welcome to the Flyer Specials Wizard!

Follow the guide to learn how to reap the most benefits.

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First, choose which Aisles, Supermarkets and Prices you want to see.

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We show you the REAL BARGAINS as well as... the other ones!

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By the way, here's what the icons mean:

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We do the math for you and show the prices on the same per-quantity basis (same weight or same volume)

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Click on the shopping cart to add the item to your Grocery List

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Choose how many results per page you want to see

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Click on this button to print all results displayed on the page

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Click on this button to reload the table to its initial state if you clicked too many buttons and are lost ;-)

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Click on this button to see all details provided in the Flyers.

This will also reveal the link to the great recipes that use the item!

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Click on this button to replay this tutorial at any time.

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Search the Flyers for a specific item (e.g. salmon)

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To unlock the Flyer Specials Wizard, subscribe to our PLUS, PREMIUM or VIP Plans.

It will help you a great deal to plan your errands, save more and decide what's worth stocking up!


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