TOP 10: Fondue Recipes for a Friendly Dinner Party

Jeanne Dumouchel October 13, 2017 , , ,

The cooler weather has arrived, and with it the desire to make warm and comforting meals. It’s the perfect occasion for friends, or lovers, to gather around a good fondue. Originally, the word “fondue” was used only to designate Swiss cheese fondue. But in the last few years, “fondue” means any meal featuring a pot filled with hot liquid into which you dip food with a long fork. Chocolate fondue, bourguignonne fondue, Chinese fondue: the possibilities are endless. We’ve searched for the best fondue recipes for you; here are our top 10.


Movember : Month of the Moustache

Cinzia Cuneo October 13, 2017 , ,

For the last few years, some men grow their moustache in November. Do you know why?

How to Avoid Stomach Ache Before and During a Race

Kathryn Adel October 9, 2017 , , ,

Autumn is marathon season for many runners. After months of training, there will be just one step left before the gun fires: The line-up in front of the many (we hope) porta-loos. Did you know that 30 to 50% of endurance athletes suffer from gastro-intestinal symptoms? Stress combined with maximum effort often make the symptoms worse on competition day! What can you do to avoid being bothered by your intestines during your race or sports event?


TOP 5: Recipes from Spain

Jeanne Dumouchel October 5, 2017 , , ,

The 12th October is Spain’s national holiday. Cooking in this country is essentially based on the Mediterranean diet. Which is perfect, since all our meal plans are also founded on this diet. We’ve dug up our top 5 Spanish recipes just for you.


Caffeine and Sports Performance

Zeina Khawam October 5, 2017 , ,

What if I told you there was a sport enhancing drug that’s legal, cheap, and easy to get, and chances are, you’re already taking it. Yes, it exists and it’s called caffeine.