Resolution: Eat Well

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Shed the extra pounds? Exercise more? Eat a balanced diet? Have fun in the kitchen? To help you adopt healthier eating habits and live better in 2017, we’ve put together a few of our best articles and tips.

Keeping Those Resolutions

A lot of us start the year with good resolutions, most of which are related to building good, healthy habits and shedding those few extra pounds. Here are some simple tips to help you stick to your new healthy rhythm for the other 11 months after January.

Weight Loss

Instead of miracle solutions or draconian methods, here are some tricks that should make a sustainable difference to your waistline and your well-being without drastic changes.

Eat Better

Breakfast, health halo foods, food compulsions, snacking… Make it a point to start the year with healthy habits.

Get Back in Shape

Nutrition is a key component of getting back in shape, but it’s not the only one. Physical activity plays a big role in it too, that’s why you should be active everyday. No need to become an athlete, moving a little bit more everyday should make a big difference in your well-being.