What’s Happening with the Price of your Shopping Basket?

Cinzia Cuneo January 16, 2017

Do you follow the shopping basket price saga? What should we expect this new year? Will it rise or fall?



Can a Hockey Player be Vegan?

Pearle Nerenberg January 10, 2017 , , ,

A vegan diet can be quite healthy for a hockey player, but only if you plan your meals carefully. Being a vegan means more than just not eating meat and dairy. A poorly planned vegan diet will be missing many important nutrients. If you are not ready to make the effort to plan balanced meals, a vegan diet is not a good idea for you.



Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline: Prevention and Possible Treatments

Jean-Yves Dionne January 5, 2017 , ,

Let’s take a look at ways to prevent this illness. For more clarity, and because Alzheimer’s is hard to diagnose in the early stages, the prevention tools presented here will cover both Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive decline. Between you and me, you don’t want to wait until the diagnosis (or for it to become incurable) before doing something!


coffee sweetener, cafe educolorants

Sweeteners and Weight Loss: A winning Combination?

Jef L'Ecuyer December 31, 2016 , ,

***To make this article easier to read, I use the term sweetener(s) to cover non nutritional/artificial/synthetic sweeteners.***

With the arrival of the new year and the resolutions that are taken at this time, losing weight is often a priority for many. This article doesn’t focus on weight loss itself, as we have already covered this topic. Rather, I want to take a closer look at sweeteners and the impact they can have on your weight…


soup bowls

TOP 10: Soups to Warm You Up in the Winter

Dania Sonin December 19, 2016 , ,

A great soup is one of the best remedies for a chilly day. Whether it’s a cook-all-day recipe or a quick one, a good soup will fill you up and keep you nice and warm. So, to help you stay nice and cozy this winter, we’ve put together ten of our favourite soup recipes. They’re sure to keep you warm and toasty and they’re pretty delicious too!