May – Celiac Awareness Month

admin, Friday May 6, 2016

by Marie-Eve Deschênes, Registered Dietitian, RD – Fondation québécoise de la maladie coeliaque (FQMC) (Quebec Foundation for Celiac Disease)

The prevalence of gluten-related disorders has quadrupled in North America. Nearly 10% of the population is at risk of being affected by a gluten-related disorder, which is a serious public health issue according to Dr. Idris Saïah, immunologist and researcher at CHU Sainte-Justine. (more…)

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Seasonal allergies: Foods to avoid and foods to favour

Cinzia Cuneo, Thursday May 5, 2016

Springtime is a difficult time for those who suffer from seasonal allergies because their immune systems react excessively to normally inoffensive stimuli, like pollen. The body identifies pollen as an invader and to fight, generates a chemical called histamine which normally protects the body. It’s what produces the usual symptoms of seasonal allergies: coughing, sniffling, sneezing, watery eyes, etc.



Kefir Fever

Andrea D'Ambrosio, Thursday May 5, 2016

When strolling down the dairy aisle have you noticed kefir, a cousin of yogurt? Kefir (pronounced “kuh-FEER”) is a dairy beverage made by adding kefir “grains”, which are pellets of yeast bacteria, to milk and heating it to produce a drink. Kefir is like a “drinkable yogurt” with a similar taste, but with a much higher probiotic content! In fact, kefir contains 10 to 20 different probiotic strains whereas yogurt has only a few. (more…)


Do You Need a Spring Cleanse?

Andrea D'Ambrosio, Thursday May 5, 2016

The word “detox” or “cleanse” sounds so powerful, right? Like it will work some serious magic. Advocates of the “cleanse diet” say it will reset your body; improve energy, digestion, metabolism etc. But does it? What is involved in this drinkable concoction and is it worth your hard earned cash?

As a society, we are still easily drawn in by the “quick fix” – especially for weight loss. After all, with advancing science, there must be something that actually works, stays true to their big (empty) promises and actually keeps the weight off? Sorry folks, spoiler alert, still no magic bullet for weight loss. (more…)