Carb-Loading Meal Plans
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How can these meal plans help me better perform?

These custom meal plans are specially designed for active people who are training for endurance events lasting more than 90 minutes, such as half-marathons, marathons, cycling challenges, triathlons, etc. To increase your performance, these meal plans should be followed for the 3 days leading up to the event.

Carbohydrates (sugars) are the main source of energy for muscles during extended periods of exertion. By carb-loading during the 3 days before your competition, you maximize your carbohydrate stores of glycogen in the muscles and liver.

These excess stores will support a long and intense effort as well as maintain a good pace throughout the race. A recent study has shown that carb-loading before a marathon can improve performance by up to 13%*!

In order to effectively carb-load, about 70-80% of the energy should come from carbohydrates. Yet 88% of marathon runners fail to consume this amount of carbohydrates because they do not realize the potential gains.

Our meal plans are here to help you achieve your goals!

Performances :

Improve your performance by up to 13%* with carb-loading!

Energy Levels :

Sustainable energy to achieve your goals without weakness or discomfort

Stress Levels :

You concentrate on your training. SOSCuisine takes care of your diet.

In research studies, intakes of carbohydrate (CHO) in the range of 8-11 g/kg/day for one to three days before competition have been shown to increase muscle glycogen concentrations among athletes more than intakes below this level (such as 2-6 g/kg/day). [This] is beneficial when exercise is prolonged (longer than 90 minutes).
Dietitians of Canada. Is carbohydrate loading effective for improving muscle glycogen concentrations and exercise performance?, Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition®, 2016-02-24

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Our programs for Endurance Sports are effective and easy to integrate before a competition. We provide the tools, information, and support necessary to successfully carb-load to boost your performance without any gastrointestinal symptoms!

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  • Fast, delicious recipes rich in carbohydrates

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Delicious Recipes

Fast, delicious recipes rich in carbohydrates.

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“I used the Carb-loading meal plan before my first Olympic distance triathlon and I had plenty of energy all the way through. The menu is simple to follow and provides great results. I recommend it to my friends!”
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“I love SOS Cuisine’s Carb Loading Meal Plan, because they make the carb loading process simple. Their menus take into consideration your body type, age and sex and then give you a meal plan that you can adapt to suit your tastes. They allow you to eliminate foods you don’t eat such gluten. The meal plans are also lower in fibre, so you will reduce your chance of having gas, of feeling bloated and diarrhea (runner’s diarrhea is not fun).”

Pearle Nerenberg, M.Sc. R.D

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need 1 or 3 days for carb-loading?

Recent studies have demonstrated that it is possible to maximize glycogen stores in 1 day before the race. This would require an athlete consuming 10-11g of carbohydrates per 1kg of body weight before the race. For athletes experienced in this method and especially those who weigh between 40 and 60kg, this may be possible. However, according to sports nutritionists such as Vivaï: Nutrition Experts, most runners find it difficult to eat such a large amount of carbohydrates the day before a race. For this reason, they recommend a 3-day carb-load.

Can I follow your “Carb-Loading” Meal Plan if my competition is less than 90 minutes?

If you’re experienced and participating in a shorter competition, you can use the carb-loading meal plan the night before or for the 2 days before your race.

Do I need to deplete my glycogen stores prior to carb-loading?

Studies published in the 1960s showed the need to deplete glycogen for maximum carb-loading. An intense training period along with a very low carbohydrate diet was recommended. Thereafter, the athletes carb-loaded for 2 to 5 days. Many subsequent studies have shown that this initial phase of exhaustion is in fact not necessary to maximise a carb-loading period.

For more information on depleting glycogen stores, consult the following article: Burke, L.M., Hawley, J.A., Wong, S.H., Jeukendrup, A.E. (2011) Carbohydrates for training and competition. J Sports Sci, 29 Suppl 1:S17-27

Do I have to make all the recipes from scratch?

We have included quick and easy recipes for snacks such as applesauce and banana bread for those who wish to prepare the recipes themselves. However, we know that preparing for an endurance competition can be stressful and take your time. If this is the case, feel free to substitute our recipes with food purchased at the grocery store, such as sweet applesauce, oatmeal cookies, or fig cookies. Toast with jam as a snack is also a suitable alternative.

Should I test the meal plan before my endurance competition?

We recommend that you test these meal plans at least once, 2 to 3 weeks prior to an event. Ideally, plan the test before an intense activity similar to your event. This allows you to:

  • Familiarise yourself with SOSCuisine’s services;
  • Assess the effect of these new recipes on your digestion;
  • Assess your energy levels during prolonged exercise;
  • And make adjustments, if necessary, to find your winning formula.

If you are not able to test the full 3 days, you can try some recipes separately.

Can I follow this meal plan for my daily workout?

No, these Meal Plans are designed to increase your glycogen stores before a major sporting event. They are not suitable for your daily workouts.

IMPORTANT: The information provided on this website does not replace a medical consultation and is not intended for self diagnosis. We recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor or healthcare professional before undertaking a change to your diet or lifestyle. See Terms & Conditions.