My symptoms have reduced by 90%

I want to tell you that I'm thrilled with the low FODMAP menu; it really works for me. I consulted a dietitian last year but this only solved half my problem; your menu has brought down my symptoms (irritable bowels) by at least 90%.

Chantal C. (Mirabel, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Low FODMAPs Meal Plans (2 people household)

My symptoms decreased from the first week onwards

I've enjoyed the menus until now. My symptoms decreased from the first week onwards. But I do find that the dinners are often repetitious. I love snacks, but since I have a sweet tooth, it's tough for me that an alternative dessert is not always proposed. The lunches are often more time consuming to prepare and too large for me so I modify them. I like the freedom of your menus. And the short preparation too. Continue your good work and here's hoping that you'll come up with lots more low FODMAP recipes.

Véronique B. (Longueuil, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Low FODMAPs Meal Plans (3 people household)

Your menus are actually effective for IBS

Your menus are actually effective in reducing IBS symptoms, as your selection of ingredients is well adapted. If I manage not to cheat on the menus, I can reduce the symptoms by 75%, which is awesome for me. Thanks for your wonderful initiative. I'm always happy to look at the menu and take my pick of the best recipes.

Annie G. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Low FODMAPs Meal Plans (2 people household)

No need to change my wardrobe

I was on the verge of changing my entire wardrobe as I had gained 40 pounds after suffering a painful loss. But I then chanced upon SOSCuisine's VIP PERSONAL DIETITIAN service, where I discovered tasty menus that satisfied my desire for good food and my love for cooking.

My partner decided to join me in this process, and with advice from the dietitian on how to tweak the menus to suit his requirements, he also lost weight and had to take in his suits. Through consultations with the dietitian, I relearned to recognise feelings of fullness and I am now in better control of my stress-induced sugar cravings.

When my office colleagues saw what I was bringing for lunch every day, they simply couldn't believe that I was following a weight loss meal plan, since everything looks so good.

Anne P. (Montreal, QC)

Subscriber to Weight Loss Meal Plan

Gestational diabetes under control

I'd like to compliment you for doing great work. My girlfriend is pregnant with our third child. Unfortunately, she suffered from gestational diabetes for the second one. She's suffering from it again for our youngest now, but thanks to your website and its very elaborate lists, she's managed to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and her blood pressure has stabilized.

A big thanks. Your website is about more than just grocery lists and recipes. It's also about learning to eat well while enjoying yourself. Your menus are a hit!

Congratulations and thanks for constantly doing your best to keep the website updated.

Mathieu B. (Shawinigan, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Pregnancy Meal Plan

We recommend SOS Cuisine to all our patients

It is now well established that the incidence of cardiovascular diseases can be reduced by about 80% by adopting a healthy lifestyle: Following the Mediterranean diet, quitting smoking, staying physically active and maintaining a healthy weight.

It is also well known that changing one's diet is the most difficult challenge. In addition, the media keeps publishing contradictory information about what to eat and not to eat, which makes it difficult to know what to do. This confusion stems from the fact that most studies focus on single foods, categories of foods, or supplements, whereas food should be studied from a global perspective. When studying diet in such an encompassing way, all serious research over the last 20 years showed that the Mediterranean diet is beneficial to cardiovascular health as well as overall health.

Indeed, the Mediterranean diet contributes to reducing the risk of several cancers, helps prevent diabetes, prevents cognitive decline and reduces the risk of dementia.

Moreover, when going for the Mediterranean diet, we quickly notice that it is not only easy to adopt, but also very pleasant to maintain. SOS Cuisine is a very high quality tool to facilitate the adoption and maintenance of a Mediterranean diet. The website is built in a very professional manner and it is convenient to use. We recommend SOS Cuisine to all our patients, as well as to all those who wish to improve their diet.

It is therefore with great enthusiasm that we embarked on this partnership with SOS Cuisine.

Dr. Martin Juneau, MD, MPs, FRCP(C), F.A.C.C.

Cardiologist, Director of Prevention, Montreal Heart Institute, Clinical Full Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal

Research has shown that meal plans contribute to better eating habits

Research has shown that predefined meal plans greatly contribute to the adoption of better eating habits, which is one of the three keys to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, along with exercise and abstinence from smoking.

The SOS Cuisine 'heart-healthy' meal plans take into consideration personal requirements and preferences and meet the latest nutritional recommendations.

Dr. George Honos (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Head of Cardiology, University of Montreal's Health Center Montreal

SOS Cuisine is an exceptional tool

SOS Cuisine is an exceptional tool for those who want to eat healthy. With a variety of meal plans adapted for several health conditions, SOSCuisine empowers anyone to plan balanced and healthy meals that take into account their individual constraints, thereby increasing chances of their maintaining a good health.

Dr Louis Gagnon

Co-President and Founder, Capsana

SOSCuisine's Heart Healthy meal plan ensures that all the nutritional principles taught in the EPIC Centre are respected

For many years now, a nutritional approach has been recognized as the cornerstone of prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and excess weight.

Over the past ten years or so, the Montreal Heart Institute's EPIC Centre has been advising its patients and members to adopt the Mediterranean diet. Rich in fruits and vegetables, whole-grain products, vegetable protein, good quality fat and very limited in concentrated sugars and salt, its benefits have been demonstrated beyond doubt in numerous scientific studies.

SOSCuisine's Heart Healthy meal plan ensures that all the nutritional principles taught in the EPIC Centre are respected. This tool makes it possible to receive full menus for better planning of meals.

Élise Latour, RD

Registered Dietitian, EPIC Centre

SOSCuisine helps to put into practice the most recent prevention-related recommendations

Chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by not smoking, exercising and a following a healthy diet. As obesity is the common denominator in all these diseases, relearning how to cook has become a priority, in order to reap the extraordinary benefits of a healthy diet on our health and wellbeing.

The SOSCuisine website is, in this respect, remarkably well built and it enables all those who want to discover simple and healthy recipes, to benefit from the incredible work that has gone into the development of the website..

In fact, the SOSCuisine formula helps to put into practice the most recent prevention-related recommendations, by proposing menus based on fresh, non-processed ingredients, and which are within everyone's reach as they are reasonably priced and easy to prepare. I congratulate the whole SOSCuisine team and encourage them to continue.

Richard Béliveau, Ph. D.

Director, Laboratory of Molecular Medicine, UQÀM Université du Québec à Montréal

Diet plays an important role in maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract

Diet plays an important role in maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract, and the resources available on SOSCuisine.com could be very helpful toward achieving health goals.

Gail Attara

Gastrointestinal Society's President and CEO

SOSCuisine is undoubtedly the best customized meal planning service in existence!

The future of hockey performance is in sports nutrition. This is what I explain in my book The Nutrition Edge for Hockey Performance, showing how to adapt meals to follow my recommendations. And that is why I chose SOSCuisine - undoubtedly the best customized meal planning service in existence - to develop meal plans for hockey players and make life easier for their family! SOSCuisine's hockey meal plans are the perfect complement to my book.

Pearle Nerenberg, M.Sc. R.D.

Sports Dietitian

Maximize glycogen storage

As 'D' day approaches, athletes are often unprepared, they do not consume enough carbohydrates, they stick to old habits and out-dated advice or they are too nervous and do not eat enough. We want to simplify the preparation process and reduce the stress associated with meals. These customizable menus can be tested by the athlete in advance and allow for the athlete to maximize glycogen stores while avoiding digestive and gastrointestinal discomfort.

Melanie Olivier

President of Vivaï, experts in nutrition

I sidestepped a major surgery

My SOSCuisine experience has been very satisfactory. The meetings with the dietitian helped me better understand the features of the meal plan and adjust the calorific level. She could answer all my questions and gave me some useful nutritional advice. The customer service is fast and very professional.

The changes I made to my diet through the SOSCuisine service helped me during my recovery process and I sidestepped a major surgery.

Yves L. (Berthier-sur-Mer, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Diverticulosis Meal Plans (1 person household)

The service that brought healthy cooking and eating back into our lives

I've been following your SOSCuisine menus for the past 4 to 5 years now. I even talk about it to everyone as the service that brought healthy cooking and eating back into our lives. Here are the reasons that motivate me to use the services of SOSCuisine.

1. My spouse has type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) and has been carrying an insulin pump for the past 5 years. This means that for everything he eats, the carbohydrates have to be calculated as exactly as possible. SOS provides us with the nutritional information we require to balance the menu and also to do this calculation of carbs. In fact, the Department of Dietetics in my husband's hospital checked the accuracy of the provided information and reassured us by saying that your service was more than professional and reliable. Thank you!

2. I work full-time and my home is about an hour's drive from my place of work. I often finish work late in the evening, and I'm usually not back home before 19H00. A bit late to start making dinner and my spouse has no cooking skills to speak of except making peanut butter toasts? So his balanced and carbohydrate-calculated meals have to be ready in advance (Phew, thank god he knows how to use a microwave!).

3. The gourmet SOSCuisine menu has introduced us to new foods and new ways of preparing them; we eat everything, we like eating well and we owe it to ourselves to eat properly. Even after 4 or 5 years, I'm still receiving new recipes! I love how the daily meal plans are balanced: a meal with fish, a vegetarian meal, recipes from around the world, new spices, new foods: thank you!

4. These days, before I leave work on Thursday or Friday, I slightly tweak my new weekly meal plan (I mostly remove the desserts), I alter my shopping list accordingly and send it to my iPhone. I do my grocery shopping, bring it all home and over the weekend, we prepare five days worth of meals for the week! (apart from making toast, my spouse is able to cut the veggies and do the washing up LOL)

So now you get why I'm satisfied;-)).

I seriously think that SOSCuisine should be nominated as a benefactor of humanity.

Line B. (Ile-d'Orléans, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Healthy with Pleasure Meal Plans (2 people household)

Speaking to a dietitian... This is the perfect RECIPE

I'm extremely satisfied with your website, which contains an interactive menu through which we can personalize our weekly menu according to our tastes. Even if this means I have to set aside a little more time than usual, I have been pleasantly surprised by the recipes and tasty menus.

I've talked to everyone I know about SOSCuisine and I've urged them to give it a shot. Just being able to talk to a dietitian gives us the chance to discuss our particular conditions and be guided in the initial months. This is the perfect RECIPE for rising to the challenge of altering one's diet.

André S. (Laval, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Diabetes Meal Plans Gluten&Lactose-Free (2 person household)

A gifted cook...

Following the two visits by Mr. Jean-François Parrot as part of the personal cook service, I wanted to let you know how extremely satisfied my husband and I were with this service.

Not only was Mrs. Sylvia immensely helpful when she took the time to clearly explain the service and choice of recipes I had to make (since the service had been offered to me as a gift by my office colleagues) but she also did a follow-up after Mr. Parrot's first visit, in addition to making sure that we chose our recipes well in time to facilitate the second visit. Thank you Sylvia for your explanations and valuable advice!

As for Jean-François, we really appreciated his professionalism and the fact that he also took the time to show us some "tricks of the trade" that will come in super handy in the future. Not only did Jean-François respect the scheduled times of arrival and departure, he also left behind a sparkling kitchen after having cooked up such delicious dishes for us! What's more, he even took the time to whip up a sauce to accompany a dish even though it was not on the list, in addition to giving me the recipe so that I can reproduce it when I make this dish again! Thank you Jean-François!

So, rest assured that we'd be more than happy to recommend this service to all our friends and family members who are "jealous" of this gift we received! And you should also know that I'd think of using this service again once I return to work next year!

Thanks once again to your entire team. I wish you good luck with your projects!

Amélie R. (Sainte-Catherine, QC)

Subscribed to VIP PERSONAL COOK, (2 adults + 2 small children)

A vegetarian meal plan for great taste and weight loss

I subscribed to the free package shortly after the meal planning service came into existence. I recently learnt about the paid service plans. When I retired in October 2013, my main task at hand was to give up smoking and as a result, I put on 40 pounds. With no incentive to cook since I live alone, it was easier to eat out and continue to put on weight.

About 3 months ago, I subscribed to the weight loss diet and two weeks ago I unsubscribed as I felt I had enough menus to guide me. BIG MISTAKE! I'm seriously thinking of subscribing again since I'm not done losing weight and I've grown used to being guided, and seriously when someone my age (69 years) has to lose weight, it's much better to have experts like you show me the way in such a great manner.

You've been part of my life for about 10 years now and I thank you for all the delicious dishes I've tasted thanks to you.

Just to clarify, I'm vegetarian and it's reassuring to note that you ensure that my diet is wholesome.

Hélène D. (Trois-Rivières, QC)

Subscribed to the Lacto-ovo-vegetarian Meal Plan, (1 person household)

I had plenty of energy all the way through

During my trial period, even after playing several games of rugby, I was still full of energy for my triathlon workout. I love the meal plan and it simplifies my life during the last part of my preparation. The day of my triathlon, I was feeling good and full of energy.

Xavier L. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Meal Plans for Carb Loading

I recommend it to my friends!

I used the Carb-loading meal plan before my first Olympic distance triathlon and I had plenty of energy all the way through. The menu is simple to follow and provides great results. I recommend it to my friends!

Jean-François L. (Boucherville, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Meal Plans for Carb Loading

I have maintained my weight loss of 38 pounds

For four years now, I have maintained my weight loss of 38 pounds and I am proud to have reached my ideal weight by acquiring healthy eating habits with help from the SOSCuisine service.

I regularly talk to my patients about the benefits of this service. Why? Because they are surprised to learn that I've lost weight without putting it back on. It makes them want to discover how I succeeded; and it's so important for my health and that of my patients.

Here's what I tell my patients:
Read more

Francine Lévesque, gynaecologist

Subscribed to Weight Loss Meal Plans

Mom Valérie and her little Léa love SOSCuisine

I discovered SOSCuisine.com several years ago. The idea that someone could take care of planning my meals for the week delighted me! I tried out several meal plans over the years: cook for one, semi-vegetarian...

Then, in February 2013, I found out that I was pregnant. I quickly switched over to the pregnancy meal plan. I knew that by following this menu, I would get the required amount of calcium, iron and other nutrients that my baby and I needed. The meal plans are designed this way.

Lea was born on October 4, in great shape. Now, I have started on the breastfeeding meal plan! To be continued!

Valérie V.

Subscribed to Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Meal Plans

'60 lbs lighter' Sophie

I lost about 60 lbs in one year, and that too, gradually. This meal plan has really helped me change my eating habits. The menus you offer are very good, flexible and varied. I got into the habit of cooking more often, which was necessary.

I have now almost reached a healthy weight and I'm pretty proud of it. However, I'm still following your meal plan, but with a little less zeal than before. It makes me feel secure to have a guide.

Anyway, I think that your approach is excellent. It's not a diet, but rather a method that teaches us to correctly balance what we eat in a day and make good food choices. Thanks!

Sophie M. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Meal Plans for Weight Loss

I noticed changes in my body very quickly

In the early 90s, many parts of my body started to swell up like an allergy. Over the years, the allergies were substituted by polyarthritis. My rheumatologist prescribed Methotrexate and Plaquenil. By spring 2011, I actually felt that my life was ending. I found it increasingly difficult to do anything and I had completely lost my zest for life.

I decided to stop the drugs since I was convinced there must be another way out. I started to do some research and read a lot about the subject. That's how I found out about Mrs. Lagacé and immediately devoured her books. I finally began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I promptly subscribed to your meal plans against chronic inflammation. I noticed changes in my body very quickly, and everything continued to improve week after week. However, in order to verify whether this meal plan was indeed the key to improving my rheumatoid polyarthritis, I started to deviate from it, and it was not very long before I realized that yes, the menus were extremely effective for my joint pains.

Kudos to the entire SOSCUISINE team for their smart meal plans against chronic inflammation; thanks to you, this retired person feels like singing again everyday. Read more.

Denis L. (Asbestos, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Meal Plans against Chronic Infammation

Controlled diabetes and breathing easier!

In February 2013, I was suffering from several major health problems: medically treated diabetes, very high blood sugar level, high pressure, very overweight? I felt constantly tired and irritable, and out of breath at the slightest exertion? I ate poorly, did not exercise and did not take care of myself. I knew that at this rate, I was seriously putting my health and even my life at stake. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

My wife had heard about SOS Cuisine at her workplace and she told me about their meal plan system. I was excited by what I saw and we decided to subscribe to the Diabetes meal plan.

What I liked most about SOS Cuisine was their total management of the health food component. Through their menus, they tell us explicitly what, how much and when to eat. I feel well taken care of and it's easy for me to adapt totally to my new lifestyle. What's more, SOS Cuisine menus shouldn't be seen as ?typical? and boring diet menus: for example, yesterday we ate spareribs, and sometimes we even eat hamburgers and pasta!

I find that SOS Cuisine is an accessible and affordable way to become healthy again through the food we eat. For me, SOS Cuisine continues to be the ?toolbox? that I need to maintain my health every day! Read more.

Jacques B.

Subscribed to the Diabetes Meal Plans

I loved that there was a menu always suited for my needs

From the weight loss to pregnancy and breastfeeding menus; I have done them all! My experience with SOS Cuisine menus started a few months before my wedding. My husband and I wanted to look good on our wedding day so we tried the weight loss menu.

Despite my initial scepticism in a few months my clothes started fitting better and then they were too big for me. Wow, what a moment! Another benefit was the pride we felt after making a dish to see that it turned out good with not much effort. We also started to eat so much more variety of food, making us feeling healthier and satisfied and we noticed that our grocery bill was also cheaper.

We kept following the weight loss menu until I got pregnant, when I decided to switch to the pregnancy menu. A great feature of this menu is that it is divided in 3 trimesters in a way to meet the changing necessity of pregnancy. Overall the menu went really well and I didn't gain too much weight, keeping my baby and me healthy.

Obviously as soon as the baby came I switched to the breastfeeding menu, specifically designed to meet the needs of breastfeeding moms. This menu helped me get rid of that extra few kilos that remained from pregnancy in no time and it was effortless. Read more.

Sara L. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to the Meal Plans for Weight Loss, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

I took a subscription a little while ago and I'd like to tell you that I love the meal plans that you send me. The recipes are easy to make and delicious.

Since we are vegetarians, it's not always easy to find new ideas to add variety to the menus. I like the fact that there are leftovers... I eat them for lunch at work. This just shows that your recipes are very good!

Yanick L.

Subscribed to the Lacto-ovo-vegetarian Meal Plans

I just wanted to congratulate you for the fantastic work you are doing!!!! I urge you to keep it up because your site meets a huge need for the population, and more specifically for vegetarians (and vegans, even though we more rare). Kudos to the team!

Marie-Jeanne C. (QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Meal Plans for Vegetarians

My husband loves it and his blood pressure and cholesterol have never been this good!

Since my husband had a heart attack, about 2 years ago, I have been very concerned of overall life balance, exercise, and being knowledgeable about your blood cholesterol and blood pressure, all in an effort to reduce risk for another attack.

I'm finding the menus and recipes very useful, helping on what we should do-lots of vegetables and fruit, low fat meats and fish etc.

After 45 years of meal planning on my own, I found fresh inspiration and new foods. My husband loves it and his blood pressure and cholesterol have never been this good.

Maureen P. (Kamloops, BC, Canada)

Subscribed to Meal Plans for a Healthy Heart

I found a quality of life that I had almost forgotten, thanks to your service

I want to thank you for helping people eat diversified and balanced meals, because when patients are discharged from hospital, they are given a very basic set of do's and don'ts, and you're pretty much on your own... So obviously relapses are likely, and it was my case ...

After my second discharge from hospital for diverticulitis, my gastroenterologist told me what foods I should avoid, what foods I should eat and that I had to add fiber gradually. I found myself with the difficult problem of translating this into real meals, and figuring out how to reintroduce fiber. I searched the web and found your meal plans.

As a precaution, I asked the opinion of my doctor and pharmacist, who were very interested. After checking, they told me to go ahead, since the recommendations seemed serious and the meal plans well made, balanced and with no deficiencies.

I followed your meal plans and now I'm doing very well, I have no more stomach aches. I found a quality of life that I had almost forgotten, thanks to your service. I also took probiotics as recommended. My doctor and pharmacist are very pleased and told me they would recommend sos cuisine to their patients.

Thank you for the smart meal plans - AWESOME!

Annie V. (Limoges, France)

Subscribed to Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis Meal Plans

It was well worth the money

I greatly appreciate all the time saved since I don't have to do the research. One of the things I appreciate the most is the serving choice. We are only 2 in this family. I am proceeding slowly in trying the new recipes but so far, I make the 2 portions, decide if it is a keeper, then will re-check the recipe to make bigger portions so I can have pre-prepared meals.

It was well worth the money. It will without a doubt lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Claudette D. (Chelmsford, ON, Canada)

Subscribed to Meal Plans for Diabetes

My bloodsugar level is great and i'm loosing weight

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am very satisfied with the mealplan.

I have had diabetes for 3 years now and had been having trouble loosing weight. I had a dietician, but it would last 2-3 weeks then I would give up figuring out my meals.

I have joined SOS cuisine since you started a few years back. Just the fact that you take the pressure of not having to figure out every meal and try to balance it all has been so wonderful. I thank you so much. My bloodsugar level is great and i'm loosing weight.

Every week i am excited to see what my next mealplan will be. My husband and I really like the variety of it all. We are very big fans of your soups, oh my they are so good and the spices in them.

My husband is not diabetic, don't need to loose weight but he enjoys the meals. I'm happy because he used to eat lots of desserts he has a sweet tooth, but ever since I started the mealplan, he eats as i do.

I am so happy I joined the mealplans! My cousin joined the weight loss plan; she also enjoys it very much.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for having planned this all out and making it so easy for us just to follow. You are helping so many people. Appreciate all the hard work you and your team are doing. Keep up the good work.

Linda D., a very happy suscriber (Vankleek Hill, ON, Canada)

Subscribed to Meal Plans for Diabetes

My wife and I are cooking together for the first time in our 40 years together

I love this approach and have recommended it to my doctor because the guesswork is taken out of the equation and the food is tasty too! My wife and I are cooking together for the first time in our 40 years together. It is a great benefit. Thanks.

Glen B. (Anola, MB Canada)

Subscribed to Meal Plans for Diabetes

My glucose got in control within the third week

I have been very happy with the service. I did not feel I was on a diet since everything I tried was so tasty. We learned to cook fish. My glucose got in control within the third week and I have lost 25 lbs gradually over 6 months. Best part is the education about the quantities we should eat, now I know what and how much to order when I am travelling.

Ken L. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Meal Plans for Diabetes

My doctor is happy now that my glucose and blood pressure are under control

This was much better than Weight Watcher. I have lost weight and eaten tasty meals. My doctor is happy now that my glucose and blood pressure are under control. I want to continue, beacause it helps me stay motivated.

Jackie W. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Meal Plans for Diabetes

Thank you for helping me keeping in shape with your Bone Healthy menu

I'd like to thank you for helping me keeping in shape with your Bone Healthy menu. The recipes are tasty and easy to make. I always thought that fish was difficult to cook and would only eat it in restaurants, but since I discovered how fast it is to prepare, I am now serving it to all my guests. Bravo et merci

Maureen C. (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

Subscribed to Meal Plans for Healthy Bones/Osteoporosis

The moving testimony of Carole-Anne, who rediscovered the taste of cooking

After a whole year of cancer surgery and treatments, my food habits were not healthy: I had no energy to cook, food tasted like cardboard, I had to take drugs, signals from my taste buds to my brain were wrong and made me nibble all the time to ease the discomfort in my stomach. I kept snacking all the time to rid myself of the discomfort in vain. I put on 20 pounds.

I found SOS Cuisine and was thrilled by the 7 days meal plans. My nutritionist knew about you and found everything balanced and adapted to my needs. Cooking and eating so well pleased me and filled me with satisfaction and pride. Not to mention that a glance at the other baskets at the grocery store revealed that my cart, filled with superb colourful food was screaming good health. I was very proud of it.

I lost the excess weight. I feel beautiful. I feel a sense of fullness, so my mind is not constantly on eating? my needs are met. I have energy, lots of it. Results achieved. Read more.

Carole-Anne R.

Subscribed to Weight Loss Meal Plans

I discovered new recipes, it's a joy to see what awaits me in my weekly menu. You taught me how to stay focused with my grocery shopping, and gave me good cooking tips... In short, thank you for this great service.

Diane-Andrée B. (Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada)

1 person household

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, it's been 2 weeks since I use the service and I love it, your recipes are simple and delicious. No more asking myself what I will eat this week. It's good to have a menu that is varied and planned in advance. I talk about it to all my friends. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Denise C. (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

1 person household

I love this site, thank u so much for existing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wael J. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

2 person household

After discovering this web site last week through a random Google recipe search, I just feel compelled to congratulate you on this AMAZING site! This is without a doubt the smartest, most practical and most enjoyable recipe site I have ever encountered!

I have been searching for years for a site that lists nutrition info for specific recipes and combines menus and serving suggestions. Also incorporating the weeks specials from local markets is brilliant! Once again, congratulations and keep up the good work.

Anne-Marie R. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

3 person household

I stumbled across your website when looking for an apricot compote recipe low in sugar. And wow, what a gem I stumbled upon! I've tried several of your recipes since then and have been thrilled with each one.

I love the weekly menus you offer and am very impressed by the seasonal and local approach you take. Thank you so much for such a fabulous service!

Kim B. (Saint Albert, AB, Canada)

4 person household

You are doing a terrific job. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!!

Sheila M. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

4 person household

Fantastic site. Useful, concise and extremely practical. I use the Internet all the time, without finding much that is of practical use. This site is the rare exception. Kudos for a well executed idea!

Colin R. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

4 person household

Thank you so much for this... I heard about you while listening to the Kim Fraser show on CJAD. Interesting recipes to try on the kids, some are hits,some are misses, but definitely delicious and easy. Keep up the good work.

Kristina P. (Saint-Lazare, QC, Canada)

5 person household

I love your site and have recommended it to many friends and family as a resource for menu planning, budgeting and nutrition.

Debrah S. (Oakville, ON, Canada)

1 person household

As weeks go by your website is always improving and getting better! I always look forward to receiving my menu each week!

Sylvie J. (Limoges, ON, Canada)

4 person household

My wife and I have been using your service for well over a year now and we love it! It helps us eat good, healthy meals while managing very busy lifestyles. By cooking for four, we even have great lunches at work.

Jeremy C. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

4 person household

Wow! I am really amazed, this site is heaven sent! Just my kind of recipes, my way of simple cooking, I simply love this place! Our family cut our grocery bill by more than half by subscribing to this incredible service.


Abridged from blog post on gailvazoxlade.com

I am an extensive user of the Internet and have many, many favorite websites. However, I must say that yours is probably one of the most useful and well put together sources of information.

You get right to the point, are practical, and full of relevant and up to date data. Thank you so very much for all the hard work and effort. It really is appreciated.

Marc H. (Oka, QC, Canada)

2 person household

Thank you, thank you. This is a GREAT food site. The recipes are tasty and I feel virtuous keeping calories in check.

The site is really user friendly and being able to store my favourite recipes is a plus. Planning meals is no longer a chore. Thanks again, hope you stay up and running for years to come.

Evelyn E. (Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada)

1 person household

THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL SITE. My husband is a very picky eater, to the point that I would no longer tell him what I was making! He would always have a comment like: "Oh I don't like that very much", or "What's that I've never had that before I'm sure I don't like it". Did I mention he's my husband and not my child!

With your menus, I have been able to plan the weekly meals and, best of all, I don't hear him complain or pick at his food anymore. When he is not to crazy about an ingredient, I remove it the next time I make the dish... Heaven no more complaints !!!!

At the beginning, he was a little reluctant, but I new I was on to something when he said: "I really like what you've been making lately!"

Your site has allowed us to eat well, give me more time for myself, which in return has resulted in me saying bye bye to 23 lbs (and counting) over the last 7 months!! More free time = time for a long walk, a bike ride, and stress release !!! Thanks again for a wonderful site!

Josee L. (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada)

4 person household

I found your website doing weekly meal plans with all the recipes and the grocery lists. It really takes out the planning/research out of the whole task and only the cooking fun is left (although I still have to wash the dishes!).

I've been using it for one month now. Enjoyed each and every recipes, and my husband too. Amazing as we're both picky eaters. Even the baby got a taste and really enjoyed.

The best thing is that I can now cook from scratch, I know what goes in my food, I know it's fresh. Not afraid to try out recipes on guests. I'm now a Kitchen Goddess. Well, almost :)

E. C. (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

3 person household

I'm really enjoying your site and the service it provides. It's been wonderful in giving me new recipe ideas, and bringing down my grocery bill and saving time :) I've recommended your site ot several friends and we're all getting hooked!

Joanna G. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

4 person household

Last week's recipes included a recipe for Roasted Peppers and Tomatoes which I have made twice already. It is a FABULOUS and healthy side dish or salad to serve with lots of other dishes. I will make it often. Every week I get at least one good idea from you. Thanks!

Jan L. (Dorval, QC, Canada)

3 person household

I look forward to the furtherance of the website and its great services, for which there are many.

I find your recipes very easy to follow, the pictures entice one to cook, the definition of terms directory is very helpful for amateur cookers, the cooking explanations and the grocery lists are extremely helpful, and the ingredients used are not foreign to me, and, if they are, they are defined. Keep up the good work.

Linda M. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

2 person household

Congratulations!! What a helpful site. Your website solves so many headaches regarding meal preparation & ideas. Continue the great work.

Lisa P. (Lasalle, QC, Canada)

4 person household

I just wanted to say Thank You! I am a single male living on my own and really enjoy a lot of your recipes. I enjoy that a lot of your meals are very quick and mmmmmmmmm tasty! Keep up the great work!

Richard R. (Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC, Canada)

1 person household

I have four kids so cooking time is not so much fun anymore, and quick, simple yet good ideas are much appreciated. I have been giving this site to all of my friends and they all agree that this should have been invented years ago. Thank again for the wonderful site.

Susie R. (Gatineau, QC, Canada)

5 person household

A very welcome boost!

I find the idea very interesting! It's a highly appreciated boost. The meals are cooked well, prepared with fresh ingredients and based on what each family enjoys. As a bonus, it gives you the opportunity to discover new ways to prepare ingredients or new recipes!

Marie-José B. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

A professional and qualified cook?

Chef Frederic is very professional and qualified. He also has a remarkable ability to adapt. What impressed me a lot is that he cleans up as he goes along and the place is neat and tidy when he leaves.

Valérie D. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

The advice of the nutritionist encouraged me to keep moving towards my goal

The menus, recipes and healthy food choices that SOSCuisine provides me with every week are all helping me in my journey towards a better quality of life. The advice of the nutritionist encouraged me to keep moving towards my goal of losing weight without feeling guilty, I've lost my obsessions and I'm more comfortable with my daily choices.

Murielle G. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Weight Loss Meal Plans (1 person household)

I am very proud of what I've accomplished thanks to SOSCuisine!

I am very proud of what I've accomplished thanks to SOSCuisine and its VIP nutrition program. I have reached my weight loss goal and I am maintaining it.

I eat breakfast every morning, I no longer munch on snacks in the evening and most importantly, I hardly weigh myself any more. I now have a good base to guide me through the size of the portions.

The nutritionist helped me to position myself and taught me some great tricks for controlling my hunger. I adopted winning combinations for my snacks. The whole family has benefited from good recipes.

Parise B. (Alma, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Weight Loss Meal Plans (4 person household)

SOSCuisine is a key to harmony in my life

SOSCuisine is a key to harmony in my life, my house and my cupboards. I used the VIP nutrition services to lose weight and I have managed to lose 10 pounds. Although this is far from my goal, SOSCuisine ensures that I don't lose my momentum.

The advice of the nutritionist has helped me to persevere, and more importantly, accept this daily challenge. Even if I don't strictly follow the menus, I have the pleasure of sampling delicious vegetarian recipes that I prepare for my sister, her husband and me. They are easy to make and always accessible.

Marie T. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Weight Loss Meal Plans

I stopped gaining weight and I lost my excess pounds

Retired life made me gain weight. I no longer knew how to balance my menus. I wanted to adopt new habits and above all, stop putting on weight. I had no idea where to start.

With SOSCuisine's VIP program, I stopped gaining weight and I lost my excess pounds. I've maintained my weight for several months now.

I found lots of great recipes in the menus. I learned to cook legumes, which allowed me to eat more vegetarian. The advice of the nutritionist helped me follow the meal plan. She also gave me tips for snacks and for dining at the restaurant.

Lise L. (Laval, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Vegetarian Meal Plans

SOSCuisine's team has a sincere desire to help people

Through our collaboration, I had the opportunity to see the professionalism and seriousness of SOSCuisine's team and their sincere desire to help people who need it, through proper diet.

Jacqueline Lagacé, Ph.D.

Author of "The End of Pain"

I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of the heart! I have no time for my own cooking and often lack inspiration. SOSCuisine's tools are quite simply MARVELOUS! Even my husband will be able to prepare the recipes, while I am still at work!

Caroline Roy, Baker

Subscribed to Meal Plans against Chronic Inflammation

I have been following SOS Cuisine's hypotoxic meal plans for several months and I am completely satisfied. What's more, if they suit your needs, I feel safe for my health. THANKS.


Subscribed to Meal Plans against Chronic Inflammation

I'll use the service again!

My race took place. Thanks. I really appreciated the meal plan and I noticed a difference in my 2 performances.

I'll use the service again when I take part in another race.

Amélie D. (Longueuil, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Carb Loading Meal Plans (2 person household)

I never miss an opportunity to talk about SOSCuisine

My husband was diagnosed with diverticulitis and you immediately changed my meal plan. Thanks, I really appreciate it. I'd like to mention how much I really value your service and prompt replies and I never miss an opportunity to talk about SOSCuisine.

Sylvie P. (Sainte-Marthe-Sur-Le-Lac, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Diverticulitis Meal Plans (2 person household)

Wow I am amazed

Congratulations, it's great to be able to change a recipe and this is reflected in the planning for the week, in the menu and also in the preparation. Wow I am amazed, it's great. I also really appreciate being able to print everything (.pdf to limit paper use!) and quickly refer to it by putting this document on my PC. You are brilliant!!!

Thanks so much your wonderful help.

Ginette R. (Boucherville, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Gluten Free Meal Plans (3 person household)

Nice to cook without the fuss

It is so nice to cook such delicious dishes without the fuss of having to plan the weekly menu and knowing that everything is prepared by a professional and very enthusiastic team. Bravo and thank you.

Francine L. (Lévis, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Constipation Meal Plans (2 person household)

I got answers and felt supported

I'm still very new to your nutrition program and though I've already had to contact you for this or that, I got answers immediately each time, and felt supported. I already felt very supported when I visited your website, but I wanted to share my impression with you and also thank you. I love the fact that you've thought of everything for me, right down to the smallest detail. Of course you can be sure that I'll occasionally find a way to test this and will send you one of the many questions swarming in my head at any moment. Ha! A big thanks.

Annick C. (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Acid Reflux Meal Plans (2 person household)

When you follow the meal plan? it works!

I followed the SOSCuisine Meal Plan for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) for a few weeks and my symptoms disappeared. I then took a break from it during the holidays and my symptoms reappeared. So I resumed the meal plan and my symptoms went away again. A clear sign that it works.

Isabelle B. (Montréal, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Acid Reflux Meal Plans (2 person household)

I spoke to my doctor about it

It is so nice to cook such delicious dishes without the fuss of having to plan the weekly menu and knowing that everything is prepared by a professional and very enthusiastic team. Bravo and thank you.

Madeleine J. (Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Acid Reflux Meal Plans (2 person household)

My pain disappeared within the first week

I am 83 years old. I used to suffer from a fiery back pain for decades but my pain disappeared within the first week of the Chronic Inflammation Meal Plan. I couldn't believe it and that's why I'm sending you my testimonial, so that others suffering from chronic pain may also feel encouraged to try it out. My wife's condition has also improved, but not as much as me, because she still has a bit of knee pain. We've been using this meal plan for two months now, so it may take a little longer for her. Meanwhile, I've also lost 10 lbs in 2 months and I feel much better. It's marvelous. Thanks to the entire team.

François B. (Roxton Falls, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Chronic Inflammation Meal Plans (2 person household)

I'm renewing my subscription for the second year

I'm renewing my subscription of the Meal Plan for Arthritis for the second year. I couldn't resist it. I adore this Mediterranean diet full of fruits and vegetables and low in meat. We never used to eat like this earlier, but nowadays all the ingredients are easily available. I feel much better. Thanks.

Francine L. (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Rheumatoid Arthritis Meal Plans (1 person household)

No more pain or diarrhea in just one week

I am amazed at your plan for diverticulitis. In the first week my severe symptoms stopped and I have some energy.? I am following your diet for me and am already eating regularly and your healthy servings which are much healthier, balanced and less calories already than I was eating before ?Most of the menu I like except a few.. Loved the chicken with tomato sauce. Thanks for your fantastic program. No more pain or diarrhea in just one week.

Mary B. (Red Deer, AB, Canada)

Subscribed to Diverticulitis Meal Plans (2 person household)

I can substitute with just a click of a button

First, let me say that the ability to change menus within the meal plan is a wonderful tool. I have a shellfish allergy, so it is nice to find a group of suitable menus that I can substitute for shrimp or scallops menus with just a click of a button. And the recipes are quick, easy and delicious. Hubby says I am a great cook now :=)

Gillian G. (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

Subscribed to Hypoglycemia Meal Plans (2 person household)

I have lost 10 lbs

I have been following your menus for the last 6 months and am very satisfied. I found you thanks to my gynecologist, who suggested your menus to help me loose the extra pounds accumulated since menopause.

Before, we used to eat out frequently, but not anymore. On Saturday I print my grocery list and do my errands in no time. Sunday is cooking day. So my week is all organized and ready. The recipes are good and easy to make and I have lost 10 lbs without even noticing. Kudos to SOSCuisine.

Linda B. (Boucherville, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Menopause Meal Plans (2 person household)

My blood sugar has stabilized and I have regained my energy

I had severe health problems recently. My doctor advised me to consult a dietitian. So I subscribed to SOSCuisine's VIP registered dietitian service. Not only did I faithfully receive a meal plan every week, I also got to speak with a professional, and this really helped me.

I lost weight, my blood sugar has stabilized and I have regained my energy. My doctor is proud of me. I have positive feedback and I talk about SOSCuisine to everyone around me, even my doctor and pharmacist.

Hélène D. (Val-Morin, QC, Canada)

Subscribed to Diabetes Meal Plans (1 person household)

We are convinced of the benefits that SOSCuisine can provide to our employees

My collaboration with SOS Cuisine, be it for their participation in events, or for the use of their services by our employees, has always been a success. Their customer care is fast and very effective. Our employees are more than happy to find online menus for the week, including food prices at their preferred supermarkets, healthy recipe ideas that take into account their individual dietary restrictions, and more.

We are convinced of the benefits that SOSCuisine can provide to our employees, in adopting healthier eating habits. That's why we repeatedly invite SOSCusine to join in the events that we organize for our employees, such as our legendary 'Stairs Challenge' or fairs featuring health professionals.

Additionally, SOSCuisine is an excellent partner for the one on one consultations that we give our employees. COnsidering the fast-paced life of our workforce, and the challenge in juggling with work-life balance, it is increasingly difficult to maintain healthy eating habits. That's why we chose SOSCuisine to support our employees in their efforts to optimize their lifestyle.

Janie Chartré-Bertrand


I was able to regain lost weight

I genuinely appreciated my VIP Nutrition experience with SOSCuisine. The support of the nutritionist reassured me and really helped me to regain my lost weight. With the good habits I already had, I was able to integrate even more, like small breakfasts and snacks. Thanks to the menu, I was able to eat food that I thought I'd never eat again because of my heartburn. Even if I didn't follow it to the letter, the menu really inspired me to add more fish and vegetables and to eat less meat.

Salvador P. (Geneva, Switzerland)

Subscribed to GERD Meal Plans (2 person household)

A healthy baby and excellent blood iron for mommy

A quick note to say thank you. I've been subscribed to your meal plans for about 3 years. At the time, I was suffering from anemia and was very much under my healthy weight. I did not have a balanced diet, I lacked an appetite, and could not gain weight. I was discouraged because my goal was to have a baby, but first I wanted to regain my health ...

As soon as I started to follow your menus, I got a taste for them. It is from this point that little by little my appetite returned and I started gaining weight.

When I got pregnant, I followed the pregnancy menu and was in great shape for 9 months. My baby is in good health, and they congratulated me on having excellent blood iron levels for a woman who had just given birth. Incredible! I am absolutely certain that your balanced menus are worthwhile. A huge thank you again.

Marie-Eve R. (Laurentians, QC , Canada)

Subscribed to Heart Healthy, Healthy with Pleasure, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Meal Plans

I saw the majority of my digestive symptoms disappear

My experience at SOSCuisine allowed me to take control and put me in good habits in the organization and preparation of my meals. I could not do it alone, the nutritionist's advice was of great help to me and maintained my motivation. The menu low in FODMAP allowed me to identify problem foods and I saw the majority of gastrointestinal symptoms that plagued my life disappear. SOSCuisine supports me in my goal to get back in shape and simplifies my life.

Nicole D.

Subscribed to Low FODMAP Meal Plans (1 person household)