The moving testimonial of Carole-Anne, who rediscovered the taste of cooking

November 28, 2013 ,

“(…) After a whole year of surgery and treatment, food tasted like cardboard and it took a few months for my sense of taste to return. And during this entire period when everything tasted like cardboard, I did not cook. I didn’t have the energy to either shop or cook. (…) So either my friends prepared small dishes of 1 or 2 servings for me that I reheated, or I bought pre-prepared home-cooked meals at the local Intermarché. The treatments, drugs, cardboard taste and wrong signals from my taste buds to my brain made me nibble all the time to ease the discomfort in my stomach. (…) I kept snacking all the time (like every 30 minutes) to rid myself of the discomfort in vain. At least I didn’t have nausea. I put on 20 pounds.

Then in January, I finally had more energy and felt like cooking, but I didn’t know what to eat. However, I did not have enough energy to deal with my menus. My nutritionist and I evaluated the basic corrections required in my diet and we put into place what needed to be done to incorporate cooking in my new routine; the aim was to gradually lose weight without becoming hypoglycaemic, while having enough energy and eating at the right time to continue physical exercise. Then I searched for “weekly meal plans” on the Internet search engines. I found SOS Cuisine and was thrilled by the 7 days per week, 3 meals and 2 snacks per day meal plans. My nutritionist knew about you and found everything balanced and adapted to my needs. She didn’t think that I would get down to cooking so often though. However, cooking and eating so well pleased me and filled me with satisfaction and pride. Not to mention that a glance at the other baskets at the grocery store revealed that my cart, filled with superb colourful food was screaming good health. I was very proud of it. It mattered.
Customized meal plans, Mediterranean style. The grocery list is prepared from flyer specials, by retailer and saving strategy. Simple recipes. Especially for ready to use menus without me breaking my head to balance them – someone does it for me… EASY.

Carole-Anne (right) with her cousin Suzanne, August 2012.
Carole-Anne is wearing a wig during the period of her chemotherapy.
Credits for this picture go to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

I lost the excess weight. I feel beautiful. I feel a sense of fullness, so my mind is not constantly on eating… my needs are met. I have energy, lots of it. And enough to exercise regularly. (…) Results achieved, slowly and surely. This is a new way of eating, a new lifestyle. Not a diet as such, but a way of eating and cooking that was incorporated into my routine.
I’ve been telling everyone I know about your website. I like the fact that the food I eat is turned into a slight energy boost in my system. I’m also happy that after a meal, I feel full without being bogged down by indigestion and that the sense of fullness remains thanks to snacks. So, my energy level is constantly maintained without slowing down. It’s ideal.”

Carole-Anne R. (Weight Loss Menu)

Carole-Anne (left), with her mom, August 2013. Her hair grows.



Cinzia Cuneo
Cinzia Cuneo, founder of, never wanted to neglect the quality of her food. She shares her special expertise to make good food quickly and without complications!

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