Low-Histamine Recipes

A histamine elimination diet consists of temporarily eliminating the main dietary sources of histamine, which are fish and seafood including canned tuna and shrimp, fish sauce and fermented foods (cheese, beer, wine, etc.). If your symptoms improve, your intolerance is confirmed. In such case, you should consult a dietitian specialized in gastrointestinal problems to help you reintroduce foods and avoid nutrient deficiencies.

A sample of our 800 LOW-HISTAMINE Recipes

The amount of histamine in a given food may vary greatly depending on various external factors including storage and freshness of the food. In addition, individual tolerance to a histamine-rich food can vary from one time to another depending on the level of histamine already present in the body. For example, some people are more sensitive to high-histamine foods when their seasonal allergies occur.

Tips & Advice from our Dietitians

Intolerance to histamine occurs when the body produces more histamine that it can decompose. If the histamine levels in the body are high for any reason, the consumption of histamine-rich foods can trigger a variety of symptoms. It should be noted that certain medications can also affect the concentration of histamine in the body.

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