Pregnancy Recipes

If you're pregnant and confused about what you can and can't eat, you're not alone. Get inspired with these delicious recipes, which are easy enough to make on a weeknight and will satisfy even the most voracious of appetites. You'll feel great knowing that they're healthy and loaded with great nutrients, for you and your baby.

Discover some of our 1,300 PREGNANCY Recipes

By following our meal plans, you will be able to: Control your weight gain with satiating recipes; Prevent gestational diabetes by controlling your blood sugar; Fill up with all the nutrients needed for the proper development of your fetus.

Tips & Advice from our Dietitians

It is important you keep exercising daily, especially to control diabetes and excessive weight gain. To avoid the risk of contracting listeriosis, refrain from consuming raw milk cheeses and homemade mayonnaise. Substitute them with cheeses made from pasteurized milk and industrial mayonnaise. Avoid eating the skin and the fat covering the abdomen of the fish, because that's were most of contaminants are found.

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