Osteoporosis Recipes

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by loss of bone mass and fragile bones. Diet plays an important role to prevent or slow the progression of the disease. Calcium and vitamin D are essential nutrients for maintaining good bone health. Studies have shown that adequate calcium intake in older people can slow bone loss. Vitamin D, in turn, promotes the absorption of calcium, helping to maintain bone health. Proteins also are important because they are essential to the build and repair of tissues. Bone healthy recipes will be composed largely of these essential nutrients to prevent or slow the progression of the disease.

A sample of our 1,400 OSTEOPOROSIS Recipes

Calcium is found in dairy products, but also in salmon and canned sardines (with bones), almonds, legumes and green vegetables, such as broccoli and bok choy. Our own body produces vitamin D in response to the sun. In our northern latitudes, during winter it is difficult to meet our needs. The only natural sources of vitamin D in food are fatty fish and egg yolks. It can also be found in fortified foods such as milk, soy milk, margarine and orange juice. Recipes to prevent osteoporosis contain a good source of calcium and / or vitamin D.

Tips & Advice from our Dietitians

In addition to having a healthy, balanced diet, it is important to stay active to prevent osteoporosis: Weight bearing exercises, such as walking, dancing, jogging and climbing stairs, as well as weight training are essential to protect your bones.

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