Vegetarian Recipes

Whether you have decided to eliminate meat for ethical, environmental or economic reasons, a healthy vegetarian diet has many health benefits. And with careful planning, it can meet all your energy and nutrient needs to ensure you keep fit and healthy.

A sample of our 800 VEGETARIAN Recipes

With our "Lacto-ovo-vegetarian", "Pesco-vegetarian" and "Semi-vegetarian" meal plans you will get balanced meals with their matching grocery list. You will not need to worry about nutritional recommendations: everything is tailored to your need. Perfect whether you are already a vegetarian or if you want to become one!

Tips & Advice from our Dietitians

Eat enough proteins (from legumes, soy, nuts and seeds); Make sure you get an adequate intake of vitamin B12 (from enriched vegetable milks, nutritional yeast, enriched meat-free products or a supplement); Pay attention to calcium and iron intake (plant iron being less well absorbed than animal iron, add a source of vitamin C to your meals to maximize iron's absorption).

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