Beef Tartare

Beef Tartare

Chopped raw beef, seasoned with egg yolk, capers, salt, and spices.

According to the legend, the name "Steak or Beef Tartare" refers to the Tartars, the nomads who roamed Eastern Europe, for a time under the leadership of Attila the Hun. Fierce and bloodthirsty, the Tartars purportedly ate raw meat for strength.

2 servings
Preparation 15 min

190 calories per serving 


1/4 shallots, finely chopped   10 g
1 tsp capers, finely chopped   3 g
1 tsp Dijon mustard   5 mL
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil   15 mL
1/4 tsp Worcestershire sauce, to taste   1.25 mL
1 egg yolks    
1 beef, filets mignon, or rib steak , chopped into small pieces   150 g
1 pinch salt [optional]   0.1 g
  ground pepper to taste    

Before you start

The quantities given here are based on this recipe served as a starter (75 g of beef/serving). Double the quantities if serving as a main course.

For taste and food safety, it is essential to use only the highest quality and freshest raw beef, from a reputable butcher. Tenderloin and rib steak are the best choices. Never use previously ground meat.

It is recommended to freeze the meat for about 1 h before using it in order to reduce the number of microorganisms that could contain the flesh.


  1. Separate the egg whites and yolks. Set the whites aside in a glass jar with a lid and put them in the refrigerator or freezer for a future use in another recipe. Put the yolks in a bowl.
  2. Finely chop the shallots and capers, then add them to the bowl. Add the mustard, olive oil, and Worcestershire sauce. Mix well using a fork.
  3. Using a knife, chop the beef into small pieces until the desired consistency is obtained, then add the pieces to the bowl with the other ingredients. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Form the mixture into flattened mounds and place one mound onto each individual serving plate. Serve immediately.

Nutrition Facts Table

Nutrition Facts

per 1 serving (90g)


% DV*

* DV = Daily Value




13 g

20 %

Saturated 3 g
+ Trans 0.1 g

17 %


140 mg


130 mg

5 %


1 g

0 %


0 g

1 %


0 g


15 g

Vitamin A

4 %

Vitamin C

0 %


2 %


15 %

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Servings of Canada's Food Guide

1 serving of this recipe is equivalent to:

Vegetables and Fruit: 0 serving
Grain Products: 0 serving
Milk and Alternatives: 0 serving
Meat and Alternatives: ¾ serving

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Free :
Source of :
Folacin, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Vitamin K
Good source of :
Iron, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Vitamin E
Excellent source of :
Selenium, Vitamin B12, Zinc

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This recipe is in the following categories: Beef | First courses/Appetizers | Halal | High Iron | Kosher | No Cook | Christmas | Easter | Thanksgiving | Valentine's Day | French

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