Wine Marinated Filet Mignon

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A scrumptious and easy recipe.

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Marinade : 2 h Preparation : 10 min Cooking : 10 min Standing : 10 min
280 calories/serving


1/4 cup red wine 65 mL
1/4 cup beef broth 65 mL
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar 35 mL
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard 3 g
1 tbsp brown sugar 12 g
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped or crushed
1/2 tsp peppercorns, lightly ground 1 g
2 beef, filets mignon 300 g
resealable plastic bag
2 tsp olive oil 10 mL
1 pinch salt [optional] 0.1 g
aluminum foil


  1. In a bowl, mix the wine, broth, balsamic vinegar, mustard, brown sugar, garlic and half the pepper. Pour half of this marinade into a resealable plastic bag. Set the rest of the marinade aside. Put the steaks in the bag, then turn it to coat them well. Chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 h to overnight.
  2. Let the steaks stand at room temperature ½ hour before cooking. Preheat the outdoor grill and oil the rack.
  3. Grill 3 to 4 min then turn. Sprinkle with the remaining pepper and continue to cook about 3 to 4 min for medium-rare or until the desired level of doneness. Add a little salt. Alternatively, the steaks may be cooked in the oven at 'broil'. Transfer the steaks to a plate then let stand 10 min, loosely covered with foil (to reabsorb the juices).
  4. Meanwhile, put the remaining marinade in a small pot. Let simmer 8 to 10 min, until it is reduced at about half. Serve the steaks with the sauce.

Nutrition Facts Table

per 1 serving (150 g)


% Daily Value




10 g

15 %

Saturated 3.7 g
+ Trans 0.2 g

20 %


80 mg


90 mg

4 %


5 g

2 %


0 g

1 %


4 g

Net Carbs

5 g


33 g

Vitamin A

0 %

Vitamin C

1 %


2 %


32 %


This recipe is :
Excellent source of  :
Iron, Niacin, Selenium, Vitamin B12, Zinc
Good source of  :
Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Potassium, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6
Source of  :
Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamin B1, Vitamin D, Vitamin E
Low  :


1 serving of this recipe is equivalent to :
Food Group Exchanges
Vegetables 0
Meat and Alternatives 4
Fats ½
Other Foods 0

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4 Reviews (2 with rating only) 67% would make this recipe again
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january 14, 2020 | I would make this recipe again

I made this Saturday night for a dinner with friends. It was easy to make and delicious.

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january 13, 2020

I used a high quality cab and very expensive filet mignon and this was a disaster. I followed directions to a letter. The marinade looked good and had a pleasant aroma when prepared. Then, it smelled rotten after cooking as did the meat. So, $25 for the wine, $30 for the steak, a few dollars for the other items and will not say my hourly wage and the disappointment of my wife recovering from breast cancer looking forward to a nice meal after her treatments were over. This was a horrible experience. Will never use this again.

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