Budget Recipes

To eat well on a budget, you must be well organized and choose the right ingredients and recipes. Eating well is essential for good health, but it is not always easy to do it, for lack of time, energy or tight budget. Through budget recipes, money-saving strategies, and time-saving tips, we'll equip you to make the most of every minute and every grocery dollar. Totally hassle-free!

A sample of our 1,000 BUDGET Recipes

Having a meal plan that works is a the first step to meeting your food budget. Learn how you can plan, shop, and cook a complete meal for $ 3 or less per serving. Our meal plans are based on the flyer specials of your local supermarkets, with easy and budget recipes that won't break the bank.

Tips & Advice from our Dietitians

With a little organization, basic cooking knowledge and our great tools, you will eat well on a budget. First, plan your groceries at home with our Grocery Flyers Wizard and our Recipe Deal Finder. Cooking from scratch with fresh and unprocessed products, your meals will be better tasting, healthier and cheaper! Never go shopping on an empty stomach to avoid high-calorie food impulse purchases. Always prefer fresh seasonal foods, that are sold in quantities and at low prices. Stock up at the peak of the season, freeze and enjoy local food throughout the year.

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