LCHF Recipes

According to several scientific studies, low carb high fat diet could be beneficial for weight loss and blood sugar control. It could promote satiety and decrease hunger and appetite. In this diet carbohydrate intake is 20 to 30% of total energy intake compared to 50% for a balanced diet. With between 80 and 100 grams of net carbs / day, this is a less restrictive version of the ketogenic diet.

A sample of our 800 LCHF Recipes

Browse through over our 800 low carb high fat recipes They are so tasty and so simple you will not even notice the restrictions of this diet. You will find a lot of variety to please the whole family, respecting their allergies, intolerances and taste.

Tips & Advice from our Dietitians

Make sure you to include the following foods in your LCHF diet: vegetables and fruits, good sources of fat (olive oil, nuts and seeds, oily fish, avocado and olives), whole grains, good protein sources (poultry , fish and seafood, meat, legumes, soy, dairy products and / or substitutes).

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