Savour the Summer!

We’ve been waiting for the sun for a long time. Now that it’s shining its first summer rays, we’re in the mood for barbecue, summer salads, bikinis, and outdoor activities! How about you?

To satisfy all your wants and needs, we’ve prepared 4 dossiers. Get out the barbecue, get moving, put health first, and most of all, have fun! Long live Summer!

Get out the Barbecue

With the return of the sun and longer days, the BBQ is king. SOSCuisine is overflowing with great grill recipes. Discover how to have a healthy and tasty barbecue!

Get Moving!

With beautiful sunny days here, it’s time to start moving with outdoor sports. Take advantage of the sun and get on your bike, or swim, or rollerblade, or hike…do whatever keeps you active and motivated! And if you’re a runner, as many are, the following articles will give you that extra push to get you to the next level.

Put Health First

Whether you’re on vacation or not, summertime is a great time to relax and take care of yourself. You’ll really appreciate our tips and tricks: simple and practical, as always!

Having Fun!

Full of vitamins, local fresh produce is an excellent way to round out your summer plate. You’ll be impressed at just how much more flavourful local, seasonal produce can be!