What to eat to beat the heat?

20 July, 2011 ,

When the weather is hot, special care must be given to what we eat, avoiding heavy foods which are hard to digest and preferring lighter ones that keep us well nourished and hydrated.


Here’s what to avoid/refrain from:

  • big servings
  • fried foods
  • fatty meats
  • alcohol

And here’s what to go for:

  • small servings
  • lean proteins (such as legumes, tofu, etc.)
  • fruits and vegetables with high water content (such as melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, berries, etc.)

And most and foremost, dont’forget to drink. Contrary to popular belief, cold water is not the best option, since our body does not retain it as well as it does with slightly sweet drinks, fresh, but not cold. Another excellent thirst-quencher: a luke-warm tea.

Our meal plans follow the seasons and the weather: Hence, dont’worry, enjoy the heat and refresh by remembering our chilly winter days with -30°C and gusty winds…

Cool off with one of our cold soups:




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