Carb-Loading Recipes

If you prepare for an endurance competition lasting more than 90 minutes, such as a marathon, a half marathon, or a triathlon, glycogen overloading — also known as carb-loading — will help you improve your performance. Our carb-loading recipes are going to fill up your muscles.

A sample of our CARB-LOADING Recipes

A study showed that carb-loading before a marathon can improve performance up to 13%. Yet 88% of marathon runners do not consume the right amount of carbohydrates, for lack of information or suitable tools. Have a sustainable energy to complete your event without dizziness or discomfort with our recipes for endurance athletes.

Tips & Advice from our Dietitians

In order to perform an effective carb-load, 70 to 80% of your energy should come from carbohydrates. In fact, it isn’t that easy to eat so many carbohydrates, that’s why it’s important to plan your glycogen overloading. Get a personalized three day meal plan to optimize your glycogen stores and your performance.

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