Women and Nutrition

Here are our tips for eating well as a woman, regardless of age, health, or lifestyle. These tips will help you feel good about yourself and full of energy! We will also discuss in detail the three phases of a woman’s life where nutrition becomes paramount: pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause.

Nutrition for Women

Want to be graceful, at ease in your body, and serene in the face of your diet? Our advice will guide you!


Spouses play a very important supporting role in the nine months of pregnancy. Here are 3 tips for future dads: 1) “Eating for two” should not mean eating twice as much, but twice as well. So help your sweetheart to give up junk food. 2) Tiredness and nausea often keep a pregnant woman out the kitchen. Take on the role of chef. 3) Encourage your wife to exercise during this period. Make sure you do just as much. In this way, not only will baby be fit, but his or her parents will be too!


During breastfeeding, you should continue to follow the same balanced and diverse diet that you followed during pregnancy. Even when food is deficient, the body is able to produce milk of good quality and in sufficient quantity to promote the growth and health of the baby. Nevertheless, to experience all the magic moments to come, it is necessary for mom to have strong reserves of certain nutrients. When it comes to getting back in shape fast, dieting should be avoided during the first 30 after delivery, as this may affect milk production. After that, gradual weight loss won’t be a problem.


Menopause is a natural stage in every woman’s life. Nevertheless, the physical and emotional manifestations of this physiological phenomenon are not the same for everyone and are not experienced in the same way in different countries. In France, more than 50% of women complain of disorders, especially hot flashes, against less than 20% of Japanese women! Among possible explanations, there would be Western social pressure to remain young, beautiful, and productive. To make the most of it, it is important to eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly.