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Oxana’s Testimonial on our Pregnancy Meal Plans

July 10, 2021 , ,

Did you know that SOSCuisine brings together members from all over the world? Here is the testimony of Oxana, one of our subscribers who lives in Russia. Whether for her last pregnancy, vegetarianism or lactose intolerance, she has been using our meal plans for years!

About ten years ago, I was looking for a healthy meal plan to help me get back into shape. I had just given birth to my son and was searching Google looking for a healthy food plan that would suit me.

And suddenly I found SOSCuisine. It was a nice surprise to realize that it wasn’t just a recipe site! There was a menu for the whole day: breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner… I could see that it was very healthy too. I tried it and I loved it! As simple as that. At that time, I tried the Healthy meal plan.

When I got pregnant with my daughter two years ago, I switched to the Pregnancy meal plan, then to the Breastfeeding meal plan. From the first day of pregnancy until the last day of breastfeeding, I used SOSCuisine and was satisfied. My pregnancy has been wonderful! My weight is quite light in general, and I probably weighed around 52 kilos during this pregnancy. My doctor would tell me, “You need to gain more weight. You have to eat more!” Yet when you looked at my blood tests, they were excellent. Even during the third quarter! Normally, this is the period of pregnancy during which our iron level is lower, but mine was very good.

Today, I am a mother of three children and SOScuisine meal plans are still a part of our daily lives. I can find recipes that suit me and appeal to my family. I use the Vegetarian meal plan for myself, and then I simply add meat for those who want it. I also like to use the filters within the “Search” option on the site to find new recipes. I can find “Kid-friendly” recipes, skewers for my husband who loves meat,  nourishing dishes for my 17-year-old son who eats every hour… it’s all there. Even when I look for recipes from my own country of Russia, I can find them on SOSCuisine!

In addition, I recently learned that I am also lactose intolerant. It was a bit difficult at first. I love cheese and yogurt! Fortunately, SOSCuisine’s service allowed me to adapt my diet and find lactose-free recipes that also taste very good.

I have never found a service like the one that SOSCuisine offers. I will continue to use their healthy meal plans as they help make my life so much easier!

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And you, have you ever used our personalized meal plan service for pregnancy or breastfeeding? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest  or in the comments below !


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