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Do You Need a Spring Cleanse?

The word “detox” or “cleanse” sounds so powerful, right? Like it will work some serious magic. Advocates of the “cleanse diet” say it will reset your body; improve energy, digestion, metabolism etc. But does it? What is involved in this drinkable concoction and is it worth your hard earned cash? As a society, we are […]

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Are artificial sweeteners linked to diabetes?

A new study on artificial sweeteners has been published in the scientific journal, Nature. Since its publication, my News Feed has been full of articles encouraging people to give up artificial sweeteners because of this study. As I’ve always disliked knee-jerk reactions to alarmist news, here are some details to help you clearly understand the […]

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Getting back on the weight loss bandwagon after a plateau

12 March, 2014 No Comments

You’ve worked super hard to improve your eating habits and include physical activity in your daily life and as a reward, the reading on your bathroom scale has decreased. But for no apparent reason, “the scale doesn’t move anymore”, even though you continue your good habits. Hitting a plateau is common and somewhat normal during […]