TOP 10 Recipes for Healthy Bones

Jeanne Dumouchel November 10, 2019 , ,

At least one in three women and one in five men will suffer a fracture due to osteoporosis in their lifetime. Nutrition and physical activity play a big role in preventing this disease. Calcium and vitamin D are essential nutrients for good bone health. We offer you 10 recipes for healthy bones!


Médecins francophones du Canada

2019 Annual Medical Conference organized by the Médecins francophones du Canada

Cinzia Cuneo November 4, 2019 ,

This week, we participated for the sixth year in a row at the annual medical conference organized by the Médecins francophones du Canada, of which we are very pleased to have been their nutrition partner since 2014.



Farinata: A Typical Italian Pancake

Jeanne Dumouchel October 28, 2019 ,

Farinata is a type of pancake with Italian origins made from chickpea flour. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages and it is still widely consumed today in northwestern Italy and a little bit all over the world. I invite you to discover this classic food from the Ligurian coast.


slow food

Voyage to the Centre of Slow Food

Cinzia Cuneo October 28, 2019 ,

During our last trip to Italy, we had a very interesting meeting at the office of the founder and President of Slow Food, Carlo Petrini, at the headquarters of the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) of Pollenzo (Bra). Those who have been following us for years know that our collaborator Éloïse Vincent graduated with the highest GPA in this school.


sauce soja dumpling soy sauce

How to Choose Your Soy Sauce

Cinzia Cuneo October 25, 2019 , ,

A condiment originating from China, where it has been known for over 2000 years now, soy sauce was first introduced in Japan in the seventh century by Buddhist monks. It is traditionally made from a mixture of soybeans and wheat, to which yeast or mold is added, and then allowed to ferment until one achieves an amber-colored, brownish to reddish, liquid that is more or less dark. The pronounced and very salty flavor of this liquid makes it the perfect seasoning to enhance the flavor of white rice or with which to marinate meats and fish before grilling. It was used first in kitchens in East Asia and can now be found all over the world.