The 3 Most Popular Weight Loss Trends

May 8, 2018 , ,

Miraculous techniques and products are advertised almost everywhere, touting their fast and impressive weight loss properties. But are they really effective? Let’s get a clearer picture on the top 3 popular trends aimed at weight loss right now. weight loss meal plans

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made by the fermentation of apple juice. It provides a delicious taste to salads, but according to “Google”, it can also be an effective tool for weight loss. The acetic acid contained in apple cider vinegar (and indeed in all types of vinegar) is claimed to be the magic ingredient that helps reduce appetite and burn fat. In reality, vinegar may reduce appetite by causing nausea and slowing digestion, but scientific evidence does not support its consumption for weight loss. In addition, excessive consumption of vinegar can be harmful and irritating to the throat, can damage tooth enamel and cause gastrointestinal problems.

2. Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, involves exposing the body, or a part of the body, to cold. Its use has been widespread in the world of sports for a long time to reduce inflammation and promote recovery after training or injury. More recently, cryotherapy has also become popular for weight loss. The cryotherapy centers stipulate that between 500 and 800 calories can be burned by spending 3 minutes in a cryotherapy chamber set at a temperature of -188 degrees Celsius. According to them, exposure to cold causes an increase in basic metabolism and thus in energy expenditure. Unfortunately, scientific evidence indicates that cryotherapy has no documented effect on the basal metabolism rate and on weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you will be much more successful by adopting an active lifestyle.

3. Garcinia Cambogia

It is a yellow fruit (red when ripe) native to Asia and used for a long time for its culinary and therapeutic interests. Currently, a large number of Garcinia Cambogia supplements for weight loss are available on the market in the form of powder and capsules. Their benefits are attributed to hydroxycitric acid, a molecule found in the skin of the fruit. It is claimed to reduce the production and storage of fat in the body and increase satiety, thus reducing caloric intake. However, the results of studies on Garcinia are contradictory, especially since the amount that has been used in the studies was much higher than the dose found in most over-the-counter supplements. Its effectiveness for weight loss is, therefore, doubtful. In addition, the potential toxicity associated with its regular use has raised significant concerns. In most cases, the investigative complaints were related to supplements containing several active compounds, and Garcinia, therefore, could not be recognized as the toxic culprit, but its use is still not recommended.

If you want to lose weight, there is, unfortunately, no quick fix. Only a balanced diet combined with an active lifestyle contributes to healthy, long-term weight loss. Try our weight loss menu, which features balanced, satisfying and delicious recipes designed to help you lose those extra pounds while incorporating healthy eating habits and developing your culinary skills.



Kathryn Adel
Kathryn completed degrees in kinesiology and nutrition, as well as a Masters in Sports Nutrition. She is a member of OPDQ and of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She ran track and cross-country at a national level. Kathryn specializes in sports nutrition, weight loss, diabetes, as well as heart and gastrointestinal health. Kathryn is experienced with the low FODMAP diet and she completed the Monash University low FODMAP dietitian's training.

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