4 Tips for Eating Affordable Fruits and Vegetables this Winter

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You can sometimes get good deals on frozen fruits and vegetables. They retain their nutritional value and you simply have to include them properly in your daily diet. You should use the fruits to prepare smoothies and/or sorbets (for example a cantaloupe smoothie or quick berry sorbet) and vegetables to prepare soups.

Canned fruits are often available at great prices. The only problem could be the amount of added sugar. If you find peaches, you must try out our caramelised peaches recipe.

Vegetable juices are an interesting option, but watch the salt content.
And finally, don’t forget dry fruits, which can also be easily eaten as a snack (but don’t overdo it as they are full of calories!)
Pêches caramélisées


It’s important to plan our meals for the week, to make the most of our fruits and vegetables. We can help by providing you with ready-to-use menus. If you have leftover fruits and vegetables, use our Advanced Search to find simple ways to cook them.
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Fruits and vegetables are more affordable in the period of the year during which they are harvested here. If you start making enquiries now about buying locally (why not make it a resolution?) you’re sure to get tips on how to preserve the fresh products you’ll buy, and by the time summer comes round, you’ll be able to put your new found knowledge to good use.

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Very helpful one. Thanks for sharing.

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