5 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight During the Holidays

December 1, 2014 ,

The holiday season often goes hand in hand with weight gain. The following tips will help you enjoy yourself thoroughly during this period without piling on the kilos.

weight loss meal plans1. Beware of liquid calories

Liquid calories refer to alcohol, fruit juices, milk as well as sodas and energy drinks. They can represent a large surplus of calories and, in the case of alcohol, whet your appetite. Your portion control will be easier if you drink alcohol during the meal rather than before it. While waiting for the meal, drink plain sparkling water or mix equal parts of it with cranberry juice.

2. Choose your appetizers wisely

Appetizers at receptions or at get-togethers can be very high in calories. Steer clear of flaky or fried nibbles that are full of fat. Stick to crudités, oysters, smoked salmon or shrimp. If you are the host, serve low-fat appetizers and crudités with hummus or a yogurt-based dip like a tsatsiki sauce.

3. Have a protein snack before the do

Proteins leave us feeling full for around four hours. Combine them with carbohydrates for optimum energy.
To avoid a peckish feeling when you land up, have a snack about two hours before the party.
Here are some examples of protein snacks:
1 boiled egg, 1 cup of edamame or 45g cheese with 20% fat.
Here are examples of snacks that combine protein and carbohydrates:
12 almonds with 3 small dates or
1/2 cup of cottage cheese + 1/2 cup of mixed fruit.

4. Don’t skip meals!

If you’re going to have a large meal in the evening, it’s better to eat lighter during the day to avoid a caloric surplus. But it’s important not to skip meals; otherwise the temptation to overeat in the evening will be too much!

5. Be more active

Make the most of family time to get active and enjoy this beautiful season. Increased energy expenditure will help to compensate for the larger meals and treats.


Marie-Maxime Bergeron
Changing eating habits gradually and adapting to the needs of my clients is the cornerstone of my approach. Eating well for fun and for health is the goal and everything begins with a return to simplicity in our habits. I am a nutritionist and have offered counselling in nutrition for 10 years.

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