5 Easy Tips To Avoid Sugar Cravings

January 14, 2019 ,

Do you get sugar cravings? You are not alone! A good number of clients tell me that they have them… For some, sugar cravings are related to their menstrual cycle, stress or emotions. Other people have the impression of being sugar-dependent, as their cravings are always present. Here are 5 tips to help you finally get rid of your sugar cravings!

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1) Avoid going too long without eating

Spending long periods of time without eating (more than 4 hours) creates large fluctuations in your blood sugar levels, which can increase sugar cravings. In addition, if you skip meals or leave a long period of time between meals, there is a good chance that you will get hungry. And of course, when hunger is too strong, it is more difficult to make sensible food choices, both in terms of the quality and quantity of food consumed. Since sugar cravings often associated with irregular nutritional intake and long delays without eating, it is important to eat 3 meals per day and snacks as needed.

2) Be prepared

If you are hungry and the first thing you see when you open your cupboards is a box of cookies, or the only thing that is available to nibble on at work is chocolate, there is a good chance that this is what you will eat. The alternative is to buy or cook balanced snacks that you like, such as fruit, nuts, homemade muffins or granola bars, grilled chickpeas, yogurt, or crackers with cheese. Put these snacks in plain view in your fridge or pantry, and bring them to work so that they are available for you when you are hungry.

3) Find a balance

If you deprive yourself too much, you will just increase your cravings for sugar, and you will eventually succumb to a big craving. Sweets are part of a balanced diet, provided they do not replace nutritious snacks and are consumed occasionally. The more sugar you eat, the more you want. But the opposite is also true: our taste buds can get used to enjoying foods with a less pronounced sweetness. Try to gradually decrease your sugar intake by reducing the amount of added sugars. For example, gradually decrease the amount of sugar you add to your coffee. Choose the plain version of yogurt or oatmeal and sweeten them yourself with fruit or a bit of honey or maple syrup. Avoid sugary drinks such as juices, soft drinks, and flavored coffees, and hydrate yourself with water or tea instead. It’s also better to avoid sweeteners and diet drinks, which taste very sweet and will only maintain your desire for sugar and sugar cravings.

4) Choose high protein and high fiber foods that increase satiety

The main sources of protein are meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, legumes, soy, nuts, seeds, milk, yogurt and cheese. High fiber foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains (whole wheat, quinoa, oats, brown rice, etc.), legumes, nuts and seeds. Remember to include these two nutrients with each meal and snack to help you feel full.

5) Be active

The regular practice of physical activity results in the secretion of serotonin (well-being hormone) and endorphins, and decreases the secretion of cortisol (stress hormone). This stimulates a good mood, reduces stress, improves sleep quality and promotes balanced psychological health. By exercising regularily, there’s no need to turn to sweets to get all of these positive effects.


Kathryn Adel
Kathryn holds a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition as well as a Bachelor and a Master Degree in Kinesiology, all from Laval University. She is a Registered Dietitian and active member of the Ordre professionnel des Diététistes Nutritionnistes du Québec (ODNQ) and of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She holds the Monash University's certification for the FODMAP diet and IBS, and has considerable clinical experience in that area. She is also an accomplished athlete, having ran track and cross-country at a national level. Kathryn specializes in sports nutrition, weight loss, diabetes, as well as heart and gastrointestinal health.

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