Antonella, in the mountains between Genoa and Turin

Antonella Giordano, Our Foodie Nutritionist in Italy

September 28, 2021 ,

Did you know that our team brings together members from many different countries? As we have subscribers all around the world, having diversity within our team is essential. This week, please meet Antonella, our nutritionist located in Italy.

How did you become a nutritionist?

I have always had a passion for food and cooking. I remember when I was little, my mother showed me and my brother how to cook at a very young age. My brother already knew how to make pizza when he was two years old (laughs). My identity is rooted in the recipes from my family: I am more attached to the flavors of the cuisine of my mother and grandmother than to the city where I live.

In Italy, we have two titles for nutrition professionals: “dietisti” (dietitians), who are trained to work mostly in hospitals, and “nutrizionisti” (nutritionists), like me, who have graduated in biology and are trained to work as “nutrition coaches”. Initially, I studied behavioral biology, a field that affects both humans and animals. However, during my studies, I discovered that I really need human exchanges as a part of my job. Working only in the laboratory was not for me…

I realized that with human nutrition, I could help people improve their health and adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Finally, I was able to put together all of the things I’m passionate about: biology, sports and, of course, cooking! It’s really a beautiful job. In fact, I’m really proud to have been able to work as a nutritionist in developing countries, for example in Congo, where I travelled to in 2015. Here in Italy, I work with health NGOs to support immigrants. I help them to learn to nourish themselves after their journey, because it is difficult for them to start a new life in a new country, with different foods. I think it’s important to help them.

Currently, I am also finishing my bachelor’s degree to become a registered “dietista” (dietitian) as well. So I will soon have both professional titles in nutrition.

How did you end up on the SOSCuisine team?

When I was doing my biology classes, I saw on the Internet this cool Canadian company that was looking for nutritionists in Italy: For me, everything that happens outside of Italy is very interesting, so I sent in my application. I was able to talk with the founders of SOSCuisine, Cinzia and Pierre, and I found their work very interesting. I literally fell in love with the concept.

What do your days at SOSCuisine look like?

I offer a little bit of consultation for the development of certain products and services, such as the FODMAP wizard, and I also do private consultations with clients.
One of the things I love about working with SOSCuisine is being able to work with dietitians from different countries. I learn a lot at every team meeting.

Also, it is very motivating to have Cinzia and Pierre as guides. They truly believe in SOSCuisine’s mission: to facilitate healthy eating for the general public.

What are the challenges you face as a nutritionist?

The biggest challenge I face is getting people to understand the importance of nutrition. It is something that really affects our health. Without being able to literally cure diseases, you can really improve people’s quality of life. We are what we eat, but it’s still something that people, even doctors, know little about.

Antonella in the kitchen

If I were a food, I would be… pizza! Because everybody likes it (laughs).

My culinary specialty is…  Torta Pasqualina, a double-crusted savory tart that is a traditional Italian Easter dish. I have a family recipe.

In my kitchen, I avoid … ultra-processed meats and ultra-processed foods.

My preferred SOSCuisine recipe Baked Aubergine Parmesan. I love it!



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