Bike instead of pills

9 April, 2012 ,

Recently, I stumbled upon this most interesting piece of news in a : about 50 doctors in the French city of Strasbourg will be allowed to prescribe their patients free use of the local bicycle sharing system, called Vélhop (French equivalent of the Canadian Bixi).

In a nutshell, these patients armed with a medical prescription, will have to include some pedalling into their daily routine, and the city will pick up the bill. The patients included in this trial are those with chronical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity or cardiovascular deseases, since regular exercise has been widely proven to be very beneficial in all such cases.

If positive, as measured one year from now, this trial will be extended to a larger scale in France.

If you are interested in such an experiment in your community, please talk to your doctor and… to your local M.P.!

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