Bring your workout to work

November 29, 2011

Most of us sit for too many hours, either driving in a car or at our desks. But we can all build easy exercise strategies and make them a daily routine.


Start with these 5 easy exercises:

  • Park farther away from where you need to be and walk the rest of the way : You can do this on weekdays, going to your job, and on weekends, doing your shopping.
  • Take the stairs rather than the elevator: Climbing stairs is an excellent exercise to get your heart pumping.
  • Get up and move: Break up your sitting time any 60 minutes or so; standing and pacing help the circulation.
  • Do leg stretches: Nobody can see what you’re doing under your desk, so take frequent opportunities to stretch your legs and feet.
  • Move your upper body: Start with a few shoulder rolls, both forward and backward, and gentle neck rolls.


Cinzia Cuneo
Cinzia Cuneo, founder of, never wanted to neglect the quality of her food. She shares her special expertise to make good food quickly and without complications!

2 comments to “Bring your workout to work”

December 2, 2011 E McIntyre said:

I value your website but please stay with food. Your attempt at exercise at work is slightly patronizing and nothing new. Consider – many people commute and there is rarely a choice; staircases are locked for security reasons and if accessible you cannot get onto your office floor without a special security pass, if at all; “nobody can see what you’re doing under your desk”? most offices are open concept or cubicles these days – of course, people will see what you are doing (why is that relevant – the upper body exercises would be visible too).
Please focus on the food and nutrition information and stories – you have a great website.

Cinzia Cuneo
December 5, 2011 Cinzia said:

Thanks for taking the time to write and express your opinion. These posts on general health may be unappealing to you, but are appreciated by other SOS Cuisine members. FYI, we do have an open office at a 16th floor. Not all my coworkers take the stairs but I often do. And I do take a few minute break after one hour of so of sitting, and I do stretch my legs under my desk. All our tips come from experts or personal experience. Every reader should just feel free to take what he considers useful and leave the rest.

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