Chocolate cake worthy of a record

16 November, 2012 ,

A Swiss baker from Geneva entered the Guinness Book of Records last Sunday, for having prepared a chocolate cake that was 1,221.60 metres long and weighing 4.2 tonnes.

The preparation of the cake took 864 litres of cream, 576 litres of milk, 600 kg of flour, 432 kg of butter and 360 kg of chocolate fondant. And it also took the work of 250 people.

Once the record was achieved, the cake was cut into 30,000 pieces. Its sales profits, estimated at 100,000 francs (approximately $105,000) will go to an organization that contributes to the fight against cancer.

I don’t know the recipe for this giant cake, but if you want to impress your friends with a chocolate cake worthy of a great pastry chef, try my Almond-Chocolate Cake. This recipe is gluten-free and there is also a version without lactose.

So, let me know how yours turned out!

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