Common Allergies: Nuts, Fish and Seafood, Sesame

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Sesame has a specific flavour and is featured very heavily in Asian foods from the Middle-East to Japan. They can be either white, like in the picture above, or dark black, as you might find on sushi or on flatbread. Sesame oil is also often used in stir-fry dishes and for sauces.

How to Avoid It

Read labels and be diligent. Baked good are often topped with sesame seeds and the possibility of cross contamination is very high. Many health-food stores cater to specific diets, including allergies, so often have foods that are explicitly labelled for allergies.

It’s also important to be aware of sesame products. Sesame also goes by benne, benniseed, gingelly, simply “seeds,” and can be one of the vegetables in vegetable oil. Buying unprocessed foods, cooking at home, and using olive oil are all excellent ways to avoid any cross contamination or eating the wrong thing. Look for hypoallergenic cosmetic products as well, since some can contain sesame oils.

Healthy Meal Plans from SOSCuisine

We hope we’ve helped those of you suffering from allergies! And remember, all of our meal plans are customisable based not only on your allergies, but also your preferences and tastes. Cooking at home and eating well is always the best defense against allergies!


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