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4 March, 2010 ,

The “tagine” cooking dish, which originated in the Maghreb region, is a hollow, round dish with a cone shaped cover.

The base and the cover are both made of heat resistant heavy clay that is glazed. Food can be cooked to perfection with very little fat, in the heat that circulates between the base and the cone shaped cover. Stews that are prepared in this manner derive their name from the dish itself.

My recipe for this week is all about lamb. In case you don’t have a traditional “tagine” cooking dish, a sturdy casserole with a tight fitting lid will do just as well. If you decide to buy a “tagine” cooking dish, make sure that it is genuinely heat resistant and not just a decorative presentation dish.

Try our recipe for Lamb Tagine with Fennel

Lamb Tagine with Fennel

Lamb Tagine with Fennel

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on January 26, 2008.

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