Duck meat, for good taste and health

24 January, 2011

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on January 27, 2007.

Duck lovers enjoy its delicious meat, which is so easy to prepare, and which helps maintain the cardiovascular system in good shape, thanks to its low levels of cholesterol and high levels of monounsaturated fats.

You don’t have to go to a farm anymore, because whole duck or cut-pieces are available in almost all grocery stores. I personally like vacuum-wrapped duck breast or magret (breast of a fatted duck) that can be kept for a long time in the refrigerator.

Simply take it out of its packaging 1h before cooking in order to dry it. As for the cost, de-boned breasts with skin are often on special offer for around 20 $/kg, which is less expensive than a good steak.

So no more excuses: good food and good health can definitely go hand-in-hand.

Try our recipe for Duck Breast with Honey and Spices


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